Creating a Workplace Culture of Growth & Learning

Creating a Workplace Culture of Growth & Learning
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Joseph Madison

Joseph received his Doctorate from UMUC in Management. He retired from the Army after 23 years of service, working in intelligence, behavioral health, and entertainment.

This lesson describes the benefits of a professional growth culture in the workplace, the connections it has with employee coaching, and best practices for creating this type of workplace culture.

A Culture of Growth & Learning

A growth and learning culture in the workplace is an environment that promotes employee education and learning. Instead of just being purely focused on productivity, this culture seeks to inspire employee growth. An organization will encourage this through practices, tenets, and supportive programs. Organizations that invest more time and money in the development of their staff are more prone to exceed and excel in their business. The many benefits this type of culture enjoys include inspired loyalty from employees, increased productivity, improved morale, and reduced employee turnover. A growth and learning culture also encourages flexibility and promotes knowledge sharing.

Supporting employees' desire to learn new things not only makes work more enjoyable, but the skills employees learn, such as foreign language proficiency and management expertise, can also be used within the office.

Employee Coaching

When an organization is in the midst of creating a learning culture, it's important that all management levels are using time spent coaching their employees to also promote new learning, like outside education, in-office courses, or even employee-led classes. Managers and team leaders who integrate these ideas into their coaching create an open and communicative environment. Employees may be more eager to succeed and to find innovative ways to grow through a company that promotes a learning culture. Some coaching strategies to employ include the following:

Make education and learning part of your annual goals

Have each employee develop a learning goal for the year that you can assess and review quarterly. This way, employees are held accountable, and they know their progress toward their goals may pave the way for possible promotions or pay raises.

Create recognition programs

It's vital to make sure your employees feel acknowledged for meeting their goals. You can do this by announcing achievements in a team meeting, creating an award, or even giving a small gift.

Invite conversation during meetings

Ask your employees during team and individual meetings what learning opportunities they would like to see in the office.

Develop training programs

A great way to create a learning culture is to find skills your employees excel at, and have them develop training to do during meetings or in larger groups. This will provide new skills for everyone.

Best Practices

There are other best practices to look into when you're trying to create a rich culture of growth and learning. Employee coaching is integral, but company-wide involvement is the only way to make sure all employees feel involved and supported. The following are some additional ways an organization can reinforce employee coaching and encourage continuous learning.

Emphasize the importance of technology

Most organizations need and utilize technology regularly. Making sure employees are up to date on the current technologies promotes learning and will be useful as systems evolve.

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