Creating Individualized Health Care Plans (IHCP)

Instructor: John Marini

I am a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in New York State

Society is trending towards health care methods that cater to the individual. In this lesson we will explore the importance of developing health care plans that are unique for every patient in order to achieve optimal health results.

Individualized Healthcare Plans

An individualized healthcare plan, or IHCP, is the plan of care developed by a healthcare professional in any type of healthcare office, including doctors, nurses and fitness coaches. The healthcare professional creates this plan for the patient to follow during their treatment in order to achieve the best results. The goal of the individualized healthcare plan is to conclude with the resolution of the health issue.

There are many factors that need to be included when developing an individualized healthcare plan. It is important to remember that this plan applies uniquely to this patient and the current issue they are dealing with. The end result of following through with this plan is a successful healthy outcome. Each plan should include:

  1. Diagnosis: What problem or condition the patient has
  2. Diagnostic Tests Performed - Examinations or tests performed that helped the doctor figure out the diagnosis
  3. Treatment - What treatments will the doctor use or follow to resolve the patients' problem/condition
  4. Lifestyle Recommendations -What can the patient do to help the treatments become even more successful
  5. Restrictions - What activities or situations should the patient avoid in order for the treatments to be effective
  6. Timeframe - How long must this care plan be followed in order for the best results to be achieved
  7. Outcomes - What will the doctor use and how will the doctor measure the progress of the patient as they proceed through the care plan
  8. Goals - What are the patients' individual goals that they hope to achieve as their condition or issue improves. Goals should be realistic and achievable.

It is important to note that the components included in this plan are not a be all or end all. They are commonly used components but certain plans may require more or less of these components. This supports the overall goal of the plan which is to be individualized to the patient.

Applications of An Individualized Healthcare Plan

There are many real-life applications where implementing an IHCP can have critical results. Aside from the care plans developed at most doctors' offices, these care plans can also be used in psychological and school settings. A high school student suffering from a mental health disorder or learning disability can really benefit from an individualized care plan that gives the child a course of action to follow that will help with their education.

Example of an Individualized Health Care Plan:

Here is an example of a care plan created for a patient facing low back pain. The patient hurt their back exercising and decided to go see their primary care doctor for help. It is important to remember that this example is made up just to help us understand what it means to create a care plan. The patient came to the doctor with this pain in their low back and the following is the details of the care plan created.

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