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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield
Creativity can take many forms, including the way that decisions are made for business success. Understanding the process of making creative decisions - and implementing some steps to improve your creativity - can help you make better decisions.

Creativity in Decision-Making

Decision-making is a critical skill in business operations that involves being able to understand a problem, look at options, and make an effective decision because it's vital in growing a thriving company. Creativity is important when making decisions, because it helps to come up with multiple options and find a great solution that will support the overall success in a business.

Factors that Affect Creativity

Making a creative decision is a skill, and as such, you can develop it. Let's look at a few ways to improve your creative decision-making.

1. Experience in the field of decision-making

One of the most important factors in creative decision-making is understanding the field and business. If you understand the market, customer, and restrictions within the company, you are better able to come up with options and ideas that can solve problems while considering the elements that will be impacted by the decision.

Let's imagine you own a local ice cream store. You are considering adding a snack bar to your store to expand the options available to your customers and to meet the needs of a larger target market. You've owned the ice cream store for several years and understand the business thoroughly. However, you are new to snack foods and do not have enough knowledge to make creative, effective decisions. By doing some research and talking to other business owners and vendors, you gain a greater understanding of the new market and learn more about what options are available. This expands your ability to make solid decisions and get creative in your thinking.

2. Temporary factors that affect thinking skills

Creativity can be enhanced or stifled by a number of common, everyday occurrences. For instance, if you're hungry, tired, cranky, or stressed, you will have fewer creative ideas and more difficulty in coming up with options. However, if you are in a happy environment, feel well, are around other creative thinkers, and doing something you enjoy, creative ideas may flow like an open faucet. When you need to make decisions, consider your environment and the temporary factors that may inhibit your ability to be creative.

You need to work on your business plan for your snack bar and have been procrastinating putting the details together. You feel stressed and unable to come up with options because you have so many things on your mind. Instead of going to the office this morning, you decided to take some time to go to lunch with friends and the subject of your business expansion came up. The other people in your group started sharing ideas and suggestions that got your brain working, and by the end of lunch, you had all of the information you needed to put the plan together. Being in a relaxed and open environment helped energize you to make decisions regarding the future of your shop.

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