Creepy Pair of Underwear Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has taught University level psychology and mathematics courses for over 20 years. They have a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Arts in Human Factors Psychology from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Flagler College.

Participating in fun activities related to a great piece of literature connects young children with reading. This asset offers multiple engaging group and individual activities related to the children's story ''Creepy Pair of Underwear.''

Creepy Pair of Underwear Activities

Children love books about strange and wonderful things. Creepy Pair of Underwear is an adorable children's story about a child struggling with fears.

Reading aloud to children is one way to introduce literature to them, but allowing them to get into the story through actions gets them excited about stories. When they can live out a story, they relate to the story and get excited about the next story.

This asset offers activities based on art, action, and literacy all related to Creepy Pair of Underwear. Students in 2nd or 3rd grade will absolutely love this book and be engaged by the activities included here.

It is assumed that students will have already heard/read the story before starting these activities.

Literacy Activity

This activity uses your students' love of the story to motivate them to engage deeply in this literacy activity.


  • Ghoulishly green cards (green paper cut into rectangles will work)
  • Large pouch of paper (cut to resemble the creepy underwear from the story)
    • This should be big enough to affix to the board and hold the cards used in the activity.


  • Cut the pouch to resemble underwear and affix it to the board.
  • Write the words 'Creepy Pair of Underwear' on the board above the pouch.


  • Handout the green cards to your students (1 or 2 each).
  • Instruct your students to use the letters in the title of the book to create new words, such as:
    • creep
    • under
    • we
  • Have each student write his/her words on the cards and deposit them into the underwear pouch.
  • Now, go through all the words and separate out any duplicates.
    • How many unique words did they think of?
    • Can anyone think of more?


  • This activity can be conducted in groups.

Active Activity

Children love to move when learning. This activity acts-out one of the scenes from the book allowing the children to really connect with literature in a real way.


  • Underwear shapes made of green paper (follow pattern of underwear from the book)
  • Markers/crayons
  • Tape

Introduction to Activity

  • Have a brief class discussion about the scene in which the creepy underwear are cut into many pieces. Remind your students that even after being cut up, they returned to whole underwear.

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