Cubrir Conjugation: Present Perfect & Past Participle

Instructor: Raychelle Heath

Raychelle has a BA in Spanish and an MFA in Writing. She has studied in Puerto Rico and currently lives in Mexico. She has taught Spanish in various settings.

Who's got you covered? The verb 'to cover' in Spanish is ''cubrir''. This lesson will show you how to form the past participle of ''cubrir'', which is used to form the perfect tenses. You will also learn how to conjugate ''cubrir'' in the present perfect tense.

Let's Learn About Cubrir

Have you covered your expenses for this month? Will you cover your house with any decorations this year? The verb 'to cover' can help us talk about covering a variety of things. One way to say 'to cover' in Spanish is cubrir (ku-BREER). This lesson will show you how to conjugate cubrir in its past participle. It will also show you how to conjugate cubrir in the present perfect tense using the past participle.

Let's get started!

The Past Participle of Cubrir

The past participle of cubrir is cubierto (ku-bee-ERH-toh). As stated before, the past participle is the form of the verb needed to create the perfect tense. The following section will cover how to use cubierto to create the present perfect tense.

The past participle of cubrir is also the basis for the adjective meaning 'covered'. Listed below are some examples of how to use it. Remember that adjectives in Spanish change according to gender and number.

  • La mesa está cubierta con un mantel. (The table is covered with a tablecloth.)
  • Estoy cubierto en sudor. (I am covered in sweat.)
  • No estamos cubiertos en cenizas porque no nos acercamos a la fogata. (We are not covered in ashes because we didn't get close to the bonfire.)

Translation=The pigs are covered with mud.
pigs in mud

The Present Perfect of Cubrir

The present perfect is used to talk about things that have happened. To create the present perfect in Spanish, you use a the present tense of the verb haber and the past participle. Please take a look at the chart below to see what this conjugation looks like for cubrir.

VERB: cubrir (ku-BREER) to cover

Present Perfect Tense Pronunciation Translation
yo he cubierto ay-ku-bee-ERH-toh I have covered
has cubierto ahs-ku-bee-ERH-toh You (informal) have covered
él, ella,
ha cubierto ah-ku-bee-ERH-toh He, she has covered; you (formal) have covered
hemos cubierto AY-mose-ku-bee-ERH-toh We have covered
habéis cubierto ah-BAY-ees-ku-bee-ERH-toh You (plural, informal) have covered
ellos, ellas,
han cubierto ahn-ku-bee-ERH-toh They (male, female), you (plural, formal) have covered

Examples of Cubrir in the Present Perfect

Here are some examples of how to use the present perfect tense of cubrir:

  • ¿Por qué no habéis cubierto las ventanas en preparación para la tormenta? (Why have you all covered the windows in preparation for the storm?)
  • Hemos cubierto todos los gastos del mes. (We have covered all of the expenses for the month.)
  • Han cubierto todos los puestos vacantes. (They have covered all of the vacant positions.)

Translation=I have covered all of my textbooks with book covers to protect them.
covered textbooks

A Sample Coversation

Rita, Tania, and Eva are roommates. They are discussing the month's expenses and how to prepare their place for the coming hurricane season. Let's listen in.

Tania: Qué bueno que hemos cubierto todos los gastos para este mes. (How nice that we have covered all of the expenses for this month.)

Eva: ¿Verdad? Siempre me siento bien cuando he cubierto todo. (Right? I always feel good when I have covered everything.)

Rita: Yo tambien. Ahora que los gastos están cubiertos, podemos hablar de otras cosas. (Me too. Now that the expenses are covered, we can talk about other things.)

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