Cultivating Long-Term Customer Relationships

Cultivating Long-Term Customer Relationships
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  • 0:02 The Value of Team Building
  • 1:12 Customer Satisfaction
  • 2:15 Treat Customers Like Family
  • 2:42 Admit When You Are Wrong
  • 3:02 Utilize Your Customer Base
  • 3:31 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Entrece Washington
Learn how to cultivate long-term customer relationships and the importance of maintaining those relationships through team building, customer satisfaction, and communicating effectively.

The Value of Team Building

The customer service team needs a strong foundation to build upon; therefore, a good manager will begin by team building among employees. The team building will include how to help each other, and this can be achieved by getting to know your teammates on a personal level. Each team member should learn one another's strengths and weaknesses and apply that knowledge as needed. For example, Sarah is good with diffusing uncomfortable situations by listening and mediating. John is good at understanding a customer's needs without the customer having to give a lengthy explanation.

Coworkers knowing each other's skills can work highly in each other's favor when satisfying a customer or assisting a teammate. Possessing these skills and sharing them with teammates makes for a less stressful environment, thus creating a happy workplace. The customers can sense when someone is happy to work for a business by the way the employees interact with one another and by the way the employee expresses a 'can do' attitude.

Customer Satisfaction

Once the culture is formed, the next step is to build a rapport with the customers, with the goal of delivering on customer satisfaction. In order to make this happen, an employee must take the time to get to know the customers' needs and expectations. The best way to perform this task is to simply listen to the customer. Listening provides an open forum for communication because it allows customers to believe their voice matters and their opinions are valued.

Open and constant communication will set the tone for customer expectations. Communication can be in person or via mail, telephone, email, or text. The form of communication should be according to the wishes of the customer. It's important to use the information gained from listening to meet and exceed the customer's expectations. This in return will create a sense of loyalty to the business, thus building a long and lasting relationship.

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