Customer-Centric Companies: Culture & Examples

Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

What makes a company defined as Customer-Centric? This lesson is going to take a look into the culture and key characteristics of customer-centric companies.

Looking Into Customer-Centricity

More and more companies realize that their focus needs to be on the customer. Customers have so many options when it comes to buying products and services which make it even more of priority for companies to realize the value of their customers. Customer-centric is when a company has the mindset to keep customers as their center of attention throughout the entire organization. Companies cannot just say that they are customer-centric, they have to make major changes to their culture. It is similar to someone who is trying to lose weight. If someone wants to make a dramatic change to their weight, they need to change more than just their diet. It usually includes changing many aspects of their life. This is why companies have struggled to become truly customer-centric. They need to change more than just one area in their organization; they need to change the culture. We will take a look at the culture of customer-centric companies, characteristics, and examples of customer-centric companies.

Culture of Customer-Centric Companies

For many years companies felt that as long as the people who dealt with customers were focusing on the customers that would be enough. However, companies realize that it has to be embedded in the culture of the entire organization for it to impact the customers. Corporate culture is defined as the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company interacts with business interactions. Companies that are customer-centric have to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and breathe with the customer in mind. Every decision a company makes will impact the customer at some point. For example, if a company is making a decision about production staff it will affect the customer. If the company is looking at cutting costs in production, it might affect the customer by not having enough product available.

Companies that are customer-centric listen to their customers. The companies that are perceived as being customer-centric have made it their mission to listen to what their customers need and want. For example, Amazon develops their products based on information they have gathered from their customers. They listened to what their customers wanted and then were able to produce products. This is a vital part of being customer-centric.

Characteristics of Customer-Centric Companies

Now that we have talked about the culture of a customer-centric company, let's look at the characteristics that make up that culture. There are many key aspects that play into a company becoming customer-centric.

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