Customer Centric: Definition & Examples

Instructor: Allison Tanner
This lesson defines what it means to be customer centric and gives examples of how organizations can create and implement customer centrality into their business plan.

Customer Centrality

Fast Fashion has made their customer the center of their focus! They work hard to not just satisfy the needs and wants of their customers but to place their customers at the center of their business. Customer centrality is a holistic approach to providing goods and services for customers that seeks to give customers a top notch experience before, during, and after their purchase.

There are some important components to customer centrality that Fast Fashion has mastered:

  • Knowing your customer
  • Creating a customer-centric experience
  • Evaluating customer metrics
  • Empowering team members to provide a customer-centric experience

With these concepts in mind, Fast Fashion has to work hard to make the entire experience enjoyable and smooth for their customers. In order to do this, they have made their customers a central focus in their business plan. Using customer feedback, Fast Fashion has continued to tweak their business to enhance the customer experience. In this lesson, we'll break down the components to making a business more customer centric.

Knowing your Customer

Knowing the customer is the ability to identify who you want to sell to and knowing what they want to buy! Fast Fashion is designed to serve busy women in their 20s-30s. They want to help customers keep their closet up to date with ease and perfection. In order to meet the needs of this group, Fast Fashion created an app-based program for customers to purchase clothes on their laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. The customer is able to select styles they are interested in, input their measurements, and Fast Fashion will ship different styles to them once a month.

This indicates that Fast Fashion knows their target customer, or the group of people the intend to serve. They also work to know what their customers want. Using the customer input of preferred styles they select a few outfits. They then ask the customer for feedback on the shipment to provide a better set of outfits next month.

In customer centrality, knowing your customer is more than knowing the buyer, it is knowing what they want and what they will continue to want.

Customer-Centric Experience

While knowing the customer is an important part of customer centrality, companies, like Fast Fashion, also need to create a truly customer-centric experience. This is a feeling that the customer gets from the experience that makes them feel like they are at the center. Simply put, the customer found the process of working with Fast Fashion to be enjoyable and easy!

The app-based program that Fast Fashion offers has already started the customer-centric experience. However, Fast Fashion also makes returns a breeze! The shipment comes with a return label that the customer simply places on the box and drops in the mail for any items they do not want. Their 3-month return policy also gives Fast Fashion customers time to fit the return into their busy schedule. The goal of the customer-centric experience is to make it excellent from start to finish.

Evaluating Customer Feedback

Fast Fashion also takes their customer feedback seriously! They not only want to know what the customer liked or did not like about their order, they also want to know how the customer felt about the experience as a whole.

This means that Fast Fashion evaluates metrics that measure things such as:

  • Customer interests
  • Market trends
  • Customer satisfaction

This is because the Fast Fashion organization believes that the more they know about their customer and what their customer wants, the better experience they can create. They also keep up with current fashion trends. This means that they offer customers what is currently 'hot' in the fashion world.

The company also seeks to grow and expand. They started out offering only business clothing, but as customer metrics showed an increased interest in more offerings they began to provide customers with outfits for every occasion!

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