Customer Engagement Marketing: Definition & Strategies

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
There are a variety of marketing tactics that a company can use to increase the likelihood that a customer will buy their product or services. This lesson defines customer engagement marketing and describes some of the strategies used for this type of marketing.

Customer Engagement Marketing

Customer engagement marketing is a unique marketing strategy that delivers strategic, relevant, and personalized messages in a timely fashion to potential or current customers. For example, imagine that you open your email and find a personalized message from Rose, a manager with an online clothing company that you have purchased products from.

Rose is messaging you to let you know that the company is releasing their new line of spring tops. It says that since you purchased similar items during the fall, she thought these might be of particular interest to you. She closes the email by thanking you for your past purchase of several tops and a pair of shoes. What is Rose doing?

She is utilizing customer engagement marketing by sending you an offer that may match your interests based on past buying behaviors. Thus, Rose is taking this as an opportune time to reach out and encourage you to buy more products form her company.


Sending personalized emails about sales or products is just one specific method within a variety of strategies for customer engagement marketing.

Companies may use a variety of broad strategies that they can then adapt to their business model. This can include:

  • Selling to customers' interests
  • Personalization of direct or indirect communication
  • Expanding customer service options

Let's take a look at each of these more in depth.

Selling to Customers' Interests

Rose knew what her customers wanted. She knew the past purchases and the potential interests of her customer. She then created a marketing strategy specific for that customer.

A company can use a variety of information from online interactions, past buying habits, and information from third-party sources to understand and evaluate the interests of their customers. It is extremely important for a company to sell to their customer's interests in order to personalize messages.


Personalization can fall under at least two categories for customer engagement marketing.

  1. Personalization of direct interactions
  2. Personalization of marketing material

Personalization of direct interactions is any one-on-one interaction a company has with a potential or current customer. Any direct interaction with a customer or potential customer can be personalized, specific, relevant, and timely; thus falling into the customer engagement marketing strategies.

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