Cyberbullying Project Ideas

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in teaching. She previously taught high school in several states around the country.

Today more than ever before, cyberbullying is a major problem for youth around the world. After talking about cyberbullying with middle school students, use these projects to help them take action.

Why Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying, or the use of electronics as a medium to bully someone, is a new problem. However, it is impacting youth today with a vengeance. Your students have most likely all witnessed cyberbullying to some extent, whether they were just an observer, were bullied themselves, or possibly have even acted as a bully themselves. After talking about what cyberbullying is and the negative consequences, use these project ideas with your middle school students.

Effects of Cyberbullying

Note: This project has a group collaboration piece and a personal reflection. If it is being completed in a homeschool setting, see if your local co-op would like to participate or if there is a group of friends who would like to do the project with your students. Alternatively, students completing this individually could research five cases of cyberbullying and write the reflection essay based on what they learned.

The first part of this project involves each student anonymously sharing a personal experience with cyberbullying. This could be something that influenced them directly or an experience of a friend. Give each student a piece of construction paper that is about the size of an index card. On their paper, students should write out their experience. Have students drop them off in a basket at the front of the room when they are done.

Then, post all responses on a bulletin board. If you teach multiple classes, create a large bulletin board with all responses; the more responses there are, the better. Once the board is complete, give students time to read the responses.

After this, students will write a reflection essay that talks about what they learned, how it impacted them and steps they will take going forwards to help prevent cyberbullying or help a friend who is experiencing cyberbullying.

If done in a large group setting, students could also have a discussion about what they learned and felt during the experience.

  • Materials Needed: Construction paper, computer/ research material (individual alternative)

Positivity Campaign

For this project, students will create a campaign to promote positivity in digital things (text messages, social media, emails, etc).

The first step of the project asks each student to make a flyer that promotes positivity on the internet. The flyers can include statistics, examples of what it looks like to be positive, a title, images, etc. Once finished, hang the posters around the school or library. (If completed in a homeschool setting, make copies of the flyer to post around the public library or other community buiding. The copies will be helpful so that it can be posted on several bulletin boards around the library or community).

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