Cyberbullying: Signs, Effects & Solutions

Cyberbullying: Signs, Effects & Solutions
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  • 0:04 What Is Cyberbullying?
  • 0:39 Cyberbullying Signs
  • 1:47 Cyberbullying Effects
  • 2:30 Cyberbullying Solution
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
Cyberbullying can have a seriously negative effect on children. Find out what cyberbullying is and signs to look out for that indicate your child is being cyberbullied, as well as some solutions you can employ.

What Is Cyberbullying?

Have you ever had any of the following happen to you or your child?

  • A nasty and intimidating text message sent to you
  • Embarrassing photos of you circulated on social media
  • Rumors spread about you via email

If any of those happened to you, you were a victim of cyberbullying, which is a kind of bullying that occurs thanks to electronic technology like phones, computers, email, social networks, text messages, apps, in-game chat, and so on.

Let's learn about cyberbullying's signs, effects, and solutions.

Cyberbullying Signs

Jim is in junior high school and he's a victim of cyberbullying. On social media, he is constantly harassed by his peers. He is taunted and made fun of. His pictures, especially the unflattering ones, are sent around with glee. The non-embarrassing pictures are purposefully re-edited to make him appear very fat or ugly and then posted for everyone to see. He gets all sorts of text messages and messages on apps that demean him or even threaten him with harm. Some people have gone so far as to make fake profiles using his name, profiles that spread rumors about him or post messages clearly out of line with who Jim really is. Jim gets bullied via e-mail as well, and when he plays video games and uses voice chat, the other players constantly harass him and taunt his playing style and him as a person in general.

As you can tell, it doesn't matter if he's using a game console, a computer, a cell-phone, e-mail, SMS, apps, social media, or anything else; Jim is a victim of cyberbullying in many ways.

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