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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sarah Meers

Sarah has taught elementary education for 10 years and has a master's degree in Education Leadership.

Daniel Boone is known as one of the greatest explorers and pioneers of the 1700s. During this lesson, you'll learn how Daniel Boone helped expand the United States by discovering Kentucky and become a folk hero.

Boone as a Young Boy

Imagine you're 14 years old and you come face to face with a huge black bear. What would you do? Well, if you're Daniel Boone, you would shoot the bear and earn a reputation as one of the bravest hunters to ever explore the United States.

Daniel Boone was a famous pioneer, hunter, and explorer that helped shape the early United States. He was born in 1734 in Reading, Pennsylvania. His parents were Quakers who lived on a farm.

Although Daniel never went to school, he learned a lot from helping his parents. Daniel's mother taught him to read and write, and Daniel's father taught him wilderness skills. These skills would help Daniel become a well-respected hunter, explorer, and leader.

When Daniel was 15 years old, his family decided to move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. After Daniel arrived in North Carolina, he started his own hunting business. He was so good that he quickly became known as one of the best hunters in the area. He learned to navigate the woods and track animals better than most men double his age.

Adult Life

In 1755, Danielle Boone decided to use his skills to help out during the French and Indian War. His knowledge of hunting, tracking, and the wilderness allowed him to be a very successful wagoner, which is a person who drives a supply wagon, during the battle of Turtle Creek.

After returning from the war, Daniel decided it was time to settle down. He married Rebecca Bryan, the daughter of the family who owned the homestead next to his. Throughout their marriage, they had 10 kids. How would you feel about having 9 brothers and sisters?

In 1767, Daniel Boone decided to become a pioneer, which is a person who explores a new area, and led his first of many expeditions to Kentucky. Over the next couple of years, he would not only discover, but also lead many people through the Cumberland Gap, to Kentucky. The Cumberland Gap was a narrow trail through the Appalachian Mountains that was used to explore and expand the United States.

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