Decide Which Student Services Are Important for You

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Instructor: Jamila Nassar

Jamila is a certified school counselor in the state of Indiana. She has worked in education for 15 years.

One factor to consider when choosing a college is the student services that are offered. Learn what student services are and how they can provide different types of support for new students, such as academic services, career services, physical and mental wellness services, and services for specific groups. Then, decide which services are important for you. Updated: 09/28/2021

What are Student Services?

Getting a college degree does not have to be a solo adventure. Students need support in all areas of their lives in order to be successful, and this is recognized by schools across the country. Many schools will give you access to a host of student services intended to complement your achievements and remove barriers to success in school. But the question is: what services are important to you, and what will help you reach your educational goals?

In this lesson, we will review five important student services that you should look for when choosing a college:

  • Support for new students
  • Academic services
  • Career services
  • Physical and mental wellness services
  • Services for specific groups

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Support for New Students

To begin, think about your first semester at your new school. If you are the type of person who requires some adjustment time when facing a new situation, you should look for a school that pays special attention to new students.

Many schools offer specific assistance to incoming freshmen, transfer or international students. For freshmen students who may not have guidance from family and friends, a comprehensive program to help freshmen acclimate to university life is a must.

If you are an incoming freshman, find schools that offer a summer program prior to your first semester. These programs provide new students with mentoring and one-on-one assistance with college essentials, such as scheduling. Some schools may even let students get an early start on college life by moving into the dorms during the summer.

Academic Services

If you are the type of person who struggles in certain academic areas or knows that you will be taking challenging classes, pay attention to the types of tutoring services offered. Students who struggle in writing may want to find a school that offers a writing lab or writing center.

If math is a weakness, look for a math tutoring center as well. If you think you need to brush up on your study skills, see if your prospective school offers courses on how to be a successful student. Additionally, all students will want to make sure the school they attend has academic advisors who help with course schedules and financial aid or answer questions about your major.

Career Services

In addition to academic advisors, a school that offers career services is a major plus. Career counselors offer graduating students vital advice on job searches and resume building, and you can get advice on how to choose a career that matches your personality. Consider it a bonus if the college also has an employment office that will help you find a job or get relevant experience while you are attending school.

Physical and Mental Wellness Services

Remember, maintaining good health is an important facet to college success. The school you choose should support your well-being in this regard.

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