Psychological Disorders: Definition, Examples & Approaches to Treatment

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  • 0:04 Perception and Learning
  • 1:05 Disordered Learning
  • 1:40 Clinical Psychologists
  • 2:20 Psychological Disorders
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Paul Bautista
How are psychological disorders related to perception and learning? What type of psychologist helps treat these disorders? From imaginary voices to an intense fear of birds, this video will introduce you to the nature of disorders.

Much of psychology is concerned with studying and understanding the way healthy minds naturally think and behave. For example, psychologists might look at how you perceive things with your senses and how you learn new information and behaviors. You can't go a single day without learning (though there are some teachers who might make you feel like you do!) and certainly not without perceiving. These are normal functions of the brain that allow you to experience and interact with the world around you.

But imagine someone whose perception is out of whack. Where most of us would hear silence, this person--let's call him Tom--hears a few distinct voices talking amongst themselves. These voices aren't actually in the real world; they're created in Tom's head, but to Tom they seem just like a conversation you might overhear on a bus or in a restaurant. He perceives voices that aren't real. This is called a hallucination, and it's typically a symptom of a disorder called schizophrenia. Tom's psychological disorder is the result of something going wrong with his brain's normal functioning.

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