Demonstrative Adjectives & Pronouns in Spanish

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  • 0:05 Demonstrative Adjectives
  • 3:04 La Distancia
  • 4:10 Demonstrative Pronouns
  • 5:22 Neuter Demonstrative Pronouns
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Geary

Danielle teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She holds a Doctor of Education with research concentration in Study Abroad and Foreign Language Acquisition.

Not this shirt... that one or that one over there. In this lesson, you'll learn how to be specific by using the words 'this,' 'that,' 'these' and 'those' in Spanish.

Demonstrative Adjectives

Esta camiseta? O esta camiseta? No! Esa camiseta! Esa camiseta voy a comprar. Quiero comprar esta camiseta por favor.

Demonstrative adjectives!

Did you follow the story? José had to choose between this shirt, this shirt and that shirt. Just like English, Spanish uses demonstrative adjectives to demonstrate specific nouns, and just like English, these adjectives go before the nouns they modify. Unlike English, though, they must agree in gender and number with the noun, so they have different forms. They mean 'this,' 'that' and 'that, over there' (or far away or at least farther).

  • Este - is this, masculine singular. Este papel. (For example, agree)
  • Esta - is this, feminine singular. Esta tienda. (Agree)
  • Estos - these, masculine plural. Estos papeles.
  • Estas - these, feminine plural. Estas tiendas.
  • Ese - that, masculine singular. Ese juguete.
  • Esa - that, feminine singular. Esa camisa
  • Esos - those, masculine plural. Esos juguetes.
  • Esas - those, feminine plural. Esas camisas.
  • Aquel - that over there, masculine singular. Aquel libro.
  • Aquella - that over there, feminine singular. Aquella bolsa.
  • Aquellos - those over there, masculine plural. Aquellos libros.
  • Aquellas - those over there, feminine plural. Aquellas bolsas.

Here's a chart to help you:

this: este, esta these: estos, estas
that, close by: ese, esa those, close by: esos, esas
that, over there: aquel, aquella those, over there: aquellos, aquellas

Note that this and these have 'T's, while that and those do not have 'T's. Let's say that again as a way to remember. 'This and these have 'T's.' Remember that.

La Distancia

Okay, let's go shopping! Vamos.

Este sombrero. Ese sombrero. Aquel sombrero.

Esta blusa. Esa blusa. Aquella blusa.

Estos pantalones. Esos pantalones. Aquellos pantalones.

Estas botas. Esas botas. Aquellas botas.

Estas gafas de sol. Esas gafas de sol. Aquellas gafas de sol.

Este suéter. Ese suéter. Aquel suéter.

Demonstrative Pronouns

Muy bien. Now on to demonstrative pronouns. In English, after you've been talking about the same item for a while, or even just a couple times, you soon start to say 'this one' or 'that one' instead of re-naming the item again and again, right? Well, Spanish does, too.

The great thing is that demonstrative pronouns are identical to demonstrative adjectives, except that they carry an accent mark when written. Another great thing about them is that they're just one word!

Here's the chart:

this one: éste, ésta these (ones): éstos, éstas
that one, close by: ése, ésa those (ones), close by: ésos, ésas
that one, over there: aquél, aquélla those (ones), over there: aquéllos, aquéllas

-Esta gorra? O ésta?

-Ésta. Mira! Mira! Estos pantalones cortos o éstos?


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