Department of Justice: Definition, Agencies & Responsibilities

Instructor: Janell Blanco
In this lesson, the Department of Justice will be defined. There are several agencies that make-up the Department of Justice, and this lesson will highlight some of the important agencies.

Department of Justice Defined

Have you ever wondered which government body was responsible for enforcing laws or who works to protect and defend the United States? The Department of Justice is the government body that takes on those responsibilities.

Dept. of Justice

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is a government entity that enforces the laws and defends the interest of the United States in accordance with state and federal laws. The mission of the DOJ is to ensure public safety and to defend the United States from both foreign and domestic threats.

The DOJ also provides leadership to many law enforcement agencies to help them prevent and control crime. The department defends the rights of people within the United States and punishes individuals that are guilty of unlawful offenses. Additionally, the DOJ's mission is to make sure that everyone receives fair and impartial treatment and that justice is served.

Agencies and Responsibilities

There are 59 agencies that make up the DOJ. Each department has their own responsibility, but the overall mission of the DOJ is to fairly enforce laws and to keep the individuals in the United Sates safe. Here are some of the agencies in the DOJ:

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