Designing & Using Assessments Based on Curriculum

Instructor: Michael Quist

Michael has taught college-level mathematics and sociology; high school math, history, science, and speech/drama; and has a doctorate in education.

Assessments based on curriculum tend to deliver consistent, effective results for a given curriculum design. In this lesson we will discuss the design of curriculum-based assessments and how to use them.

What are Curriculum-Based Assessments?

It might as well be written in Swahili. John stares at the test, realizing that there is nothing familiar about the material at all. Where is Ms. Grimes getting these questions? If only his teacher used curriculum-based assessments!

Assessments measure the development of the knowledge and skills in your students. They indicate both your students' progress and how well your curriculum is performing in producing the desired knowledge level in your students. There are many kinds of assessments. What you use depends on your subject, your preferences, your particular group of students, and the requirements of your administration.

Curriculum-based assessments (CBA) are specifically designed around and based upon the ways you're trying to teach. They measure your students' progress in learning your materials. Every test is filled with experiences from your instruction, such as

  • text
  • notes
  • video sections
  • selected readings
  • diagrams
  • representative models

Designing and Using CBA Instruments

Although there are many forms of CBA instruments, they will generally be:

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