Destination Management Companies: Contractors & Conventions

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

A destination management company is a helpful resource for event planners and organizers. This lesson explains what the companies offer, the way they help with planning events, and how they can lessen the stress and anxiety for event planners.

Destination Management Companies

A destination management company (DMC) is a firm that helps organize details for events and functions. These details may include transportation options, lodging and hotel accommodations, event venues, food and beverage options, and other details and activities related to hospitality and events. DMCs are experts in their local area and know what's available and what options are possible. If you need something out of the ordinary, a DMC may be able to create the experience and gather the resources you need to create a unique experience for your event. They work with contractors and companies in their local area that can be beneficial for your gathering.

Destination Management Company Services

The services a destination management company offers can be vast and will vary depending on the company and the resources available in the area. Some of the most common services include transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, activities, excursions, conference venues, themed events, gala dinners and logistics, meetings, and helping with overcoming language barriers.

Each conference or event requires unique attention, and a DMC has a wide variety of resources to meet the needs of each gathering. When you work with a DMC, the more specific you are about your needs, the more they'll be able to meet your expectations. Consider the details of your conference that you can delegate, and allow the DMC to handle those areas.

Destination Management Company Benefits

There are many benefits that a DMC offers. The main benefit of working with a DMC is the contacts and knowledge the company has of local resources. Imagine you're planning a conference or event in a distant city, one you're not familiar with. There are many details you must plan but you do not have awareness of the companies in the area or what's available for your conference. You can spend hours scouring the Internet and searching for options. Or, you can contact a DMC and speak to a representative that knows what resources are available in their local area. In a short amount of time you learn about restaurants, hotels, event centers, transportation options, tours, and other activities your attendees can enjoy.

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