Detention Notice Templates

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

A detention notice can be an important way for kids, families, teachers and administrators to get on the same page about why a disciplinary action is occurring. This lesson offers templates for how detention notices might look.

Using a Detention Notice

Are you trying to get more consistency into your disciplinary system? Whether you are a teacher or an administrator, it can be really important to find a way to communicate clearly and distinctively with others about the discipline choices you make. This can be especially necessary if you use a system like detention at your school.

When a kid gets detention, regardless of the reason, it is important for him or her to clearly understand why the action is happening. After all, if a child does not really understand why he or she is there, then how can they avoid repeating the same infractions?

Moreover, it is often important for families, other teachers and administrators to understand why someone has gotten detention. Families will want to know why their child is being kept after school, and they might be able to help correct disciplinary problems. Administrators will be interested in keeping track of the disciplinary procedures being used at school and will appreciate a paper trail in case later problems do arise.

The detention notice is a clear, simple and consistent way to communicate with a variety of interested parties about who is getting detention, when, and why. The detention notice templates in this lesson give you a starting point for getting more consistency and clarity in your school or classroom's disciplinary procedures. You can choose the template that best fits your purposes; note that some of them are much simpler and more straightforward, while others are more personal in their way of communicating.

Detention Notice Templates

Detention Notice

Child's Name: Child's Grade: Child's Homeroom Teacher:

Date of Detention: Date of Incident:

Reason for Detention:

  • failure to complete homework
  • failure to complete classwork
  • disrespectful behavior in class
  • teasing or bullying
  • fighting
  • violation of school dress code

Teacher Comments:

Signatures of Parents and Principal:

Detention Notification


Dear Parent or Guardian,

I am writing to inform you that your child, , has received an after-school detention. The detention will take place on the following date: Detentions at our school are held in Room Number .

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