Developing a Diversity Training Program in the Organization

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Beth Loy

Dr. Loy has a Ph.D. in Resource Economics; master's degrees in economics, human resources, and safety; and has taught masters and doctorate level courses in statistics, research methods, economics, and management.

This lesson describes how to develop a diversity training program. It also discusses the steps of implementing a diversity program, including the hiring, retaining, and separation of employees. The benefits of such a program are also highlighted.

What Is a Diversity Program?

When Lydia decided to become the human resources director for West Coast Apps, she was charged with developing a diversity training program for regional managers that would explain how to create an inclusive culture. Her predecessor was fired because he was found to be discriminating against minorities - ninety-five percent of the workforce was white and male, and several complaints had been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the enforcing agency for workplace discrimination. It was time for the company to develop a diversity training program.

Lydia's goal was to help West Coast Apps develop a diverse workforce by focusing on hiring and retaining employees who had various backgrounds. Diversity in the workplace means employing individuals regardless of age, disability, race, gender, religion, and national origin. Let's look into how Lydia began and then progressed with her diversity training program.

Developing a Diversity Program

Lydia began her training program by having regional managers meet at the corporate office. She wanted to make sure they knew how important this new training program was to the company. Lydia also decided to make some changes to how their training was delivered. She started by making training materials more culturally sensitive as an example to managers. Lydia included examples that reflected various ages, races, genders, and abilities. She also made sure that employees were offered training materials in multiple languages and alternate formats, such as large print and audio.

The first part of Lydia's training program focused on how regional managers could hire more diverse employees. Because West Coast Apps recently landed several government contracts, it was time to hire additional employees at all levels of the organization. Several of these jobs could be done by teleworking. Lydia felt this was a good opportunity to hire diverse employees who needed some flexibility in where they worked. For example, employees who were aging might have to care for an elderly parent. Working from home would give them some flexibility in being able to provide this care. Lydia decided to train managers on how to rewrite job descriptions and hire employees for telework opportunities to meet this need.

Lydia also took the company's mission statement and, with the help of the regional managers, made it more inclusive. They chose to rewrite the company's mission statement to include the words diverse and inclusive. Next, Lydia told managers that they needed to look at job banks dedicated to older workers, workers with disabilities, and minority workers to recruit employees. Lydia then educated managers on how to put together a transition team to help current and future employees embrace the new culture. After all, once you get employees in the door, they needed to feel comfortable. The managers agreed that mentors for each new employee would help with this transition.

Lydia reserved the main part of her training to focus on retaining diverse employees. She instructed managers to:

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