Diary of a Wimpy Kid Discussion Questions

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Students will engage in thought-provoking discussion based on Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid. These discussion questions are designed for middle school students and cover general reflection, quotes, and character analysis.

Discussion Questions for Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid is an intimate look into the life of a young middle school boy. The format used is an intriguing change which may engage your students as they journey through a year in Greg's, the titular character's, life.

The main characters are middle schoolers and the setting is mainly at the local middle school, and the reading level works for middle school or slightly younger students. However, there are a few mature themes that may be best kept to middle school students. Discretion is encouraged.

General Discussion

  • Discuss your overall reaction to this book.
    • What did you like about it?
    • What did you think should be done differently?
    • Did it end as you thought it should? Why or why not?
  • The novel is written in journal format. Discuss the use of this style for the journal.
    • Did you enjoy the journal style of writing? Why?
    • Did you notice there were no specific dates given (just week, days, and months)? Why do you think the author didn't include dates?
  • Overall, do you think this book gives a true indication of what it is like to be in middle school?
    • What parts do you think are accurate?
    • Why don't you think the other parts are correct?
  • The book starts with Greg clearly stating that he would not be addressing a diary by writing 'Dear Diary', but his entries are written in first person as if talking to someone. Who could that be?
    • Why do you think Greg keeps up with his journal?
  • Discuss the formatting in the book.
    • Did you like the hand-written style of the writing?
    • Did you enjoy the cartoonish drawings?
  • What do you think of the Cheese Touch sub-plot in the story?
  • Discuss the use of flashback in the book.
    • Were you able to clearly follow the story through the frequent flashbacks?
    • Did it get confusing having a majority of the story told in flashback?

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