Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan

Instructor: Frank Clint

Frank has been an educator for over 10 years. He has a doctorate degree in education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction.

Teach students about differentiated instruction with this hands-on lesson. By the end of the lesson, all participants will know what it means to differentiate content, process, and product.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to:


1 to 1.5 hours


  • Paper
  • Poster Paper
  • Writing utensils

Curriculum Standards

InTASC Standard #2: Learning Differences. The teacher uses understanding of individual differences and diverse cultures

and communities to ensure inclusive learning environments that enable each learner to meet high standards.

Introductory Activity

  • Ask for two volunteers.
  • Write a math problem on the board and ask one of the volunteers to solve it independently using numbers.
  • Sit with another student and give the student manipulatives to solve the problem.
  • Then have students tell you which direction was easiest to follow. Ask them to discuss why you would use two different methods with different students to address the same concept.
  • Then introduce the word differentiated instruction by projecting it on the board.
  • Ask students about their understanding and experience with differentiated instruction.


  • Play the video lesson What Is Differentiated Instruction? - Examples, Definition & Activities, pausing at 1:34.
    • Ask students to turn to a person next to them and discuss the question posed in the video. ''How would your class of college students have responded if they had been allowed to select from a menu of choices: drawing, essay, PowerPoint presentation, or a lecture delivered to the class?'' Give students 2-3 minutes.
    • Have students volunteer to share their responses with the group.
  • Continue watching the video and pause it again at 2:10
    • Discuss the three ways to differentiate instruction by asking students to repeat and explain what they were. Students should mention content, or what is being taught, the process, or how it is taught and the product, or how students demonstrate their learning as mentioned in the video.
  • Continue the video lesson to the end.
    • When the lesson is over ask students which two practical ways of implementing differentiated instruction were mentioned. (Menus and Rubrics).

Group Activity

The goal of this activity is for students to differentiate instruction for the following elementary math curriculum standard. Each group will work on this same standard:


Understand two fractions as equivalent (equal) if they are the same size, or the same point on a number line.

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