Differentiated Lesson Plan Examples

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

Differentiated lessons allow teachers to meet the needs of all students during a learning segment. The differentiated lesson plan example that is included in this lesson will show teachers ways to support various learners.

What is a Differentiated Lesson?

Have you ever wondered how you can possibly provide adequate support to your English Language Learners, Advanced Students, and Strugglers within the same lesson? Regardless of your student's background, prior knowledge, or learning style each of them deserves to be both challenged and supported in every lesson, every class, every day. Making small adjustments to your lessons to provide for each individual and subgroup's needs is called differentiation. Let's examine a sample lesson plan that includes differentiated instruction.

Learning Styles

Although most learners are multimodal to a certain extent, many of your students will have a preferred learning style in which the student is best able to acquire and maintain new information. Presenting lessons in a variety of ways ensures that each of your students has an opportunity to learn in the modality that provides the best fit. For that reason, this lesson plan will include specific activities designed for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

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