Digital Marketing: Definition, Strategies & Example

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Lesson Transcript
Lucinda Stanley

Lucinda has taught business and information technology and has a PhD in Education.

Expert Contributor
Joseph Shinn

Joe has a PhD in Economics from Temple University and has been teaching college-level courses for 10 years.

This lesson will define digital marketing. We will explore its key characteristics as well as the media and strategies that can be used in its implementation.

Marketing Fundamentals

'Let your fingers do the walking.' Have you heard this slogan? If you are younger than 30, chances are you haven't. This slogan encouraged people to use the Yellow Pages of their telephone book to find a business that would supply whatever it was they were looking for. For example, if you were looking for a dentist, you would go to the Yellow Pages and find a list of dentists in your area. Businesses could also advertise in the Yellow Pages. Well, those days are gone; people don't look in the Yellow Pages to find a business that sells what they need. So, how are you going to get information about your business out there? You are going to have to reach your customers where they live; and they're living online. This means you need to get savvy with digital marketing.

Digital marketing, just like any other form of marketing, is all about promoting products, building brands, developing leads, and engaging your customers. The difference is digital marketing takes place online. Digital marketing is also known as Internet marketing, e-productivity, e-commerce, interactive marketing, and e-marketing. Digital marketing integrates people, processes, and technology.

Marketing Media

What does that mean, living online or using technology? We want to do our marketing activities where our customers are more likely to see them and have an opportunity to interact with them. We want them to have access on the devices they use in their daily lives.

Here are some examples of the media we can use to get our digital marketing activities out to our customers, current or potential. The Internet can be used to market to customers through a web page or a blog. Social media is another form of digital marketing that can be implemented through sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Marketers can also market to mobile phones, accessing customers through smartphones, dumb phones, and tablets. Electronic billboards offer another digital marketing outlet. These are found in waiting rooms at hospitals, doctor's offices, and school hallways.

Digital Marketing Key Characteristics

No matter what media we're using, there are some fundamental rules we need to follow:

  • Build a quality website that is engaging and responsive.
  • Have a strong social presence that encourages customers to offer feedback.
  • Display timely and relevant content that provides the key information your customers need.
  • Create compelling visuals that stay in the customers' minds long after they've moved on.

And here's a biggie:

  • Don't annoy the customers. Don't make your marketing activities so invasive that they actually turn customers away.

Remember that our main objective is to engage our customers in a positive way. The customer is at the center of the process, and we want to create an opportunity for the customer to have a dialog with us so that we can have a clearer understanding of how we can meet their needs.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Well, this is great, we have tools we can use for digital marketing and some rules to follow, but how do we go about creating a digital marketing plan? Pretty much the same way you develop any other marketing campaign.

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Additional Activities

Case Study

Assume that you were just hired by a new restaurant to develop a digital marketing strategy for them. They just opened, and they need to build up a good following and client base if they hope to succeed. Before you implement anything, however, they want you to present to them your overall digital marketing strategy. For this assignment, build a strategy by answering the following questions:

  1. What is your goal? That is, what is it that you hope to accomplish in your digital marketing for the restaurant? This should clearly define what information you want to convey to potential customers.
  2. What will be your marketing funnel? How will you be able to get customers to go from the point where they see the information about the restaurant to the point where they are sitting down in the restaurant ordering their food?
  3. What is your call to action? Even if you aren't able to get customers in the door right away, how can you get information to them in the future so that you can continue to try to make them a customer?
  4. What is your lead magnet? How will you get customers to voluntarily give you their information so that you can put them on your mailing list or get them to follow your social media page?

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