Discussing Science & Technology Developments in Spanish

Instructor: Yolanda Reinoso Barzallo

Yolanda holds a CELTA Cambridge, a Juris Doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. She is a published author of fiction in Spanish.

There is no question that recent developments in science and technology have an impact in the Spanish-speaking world. For this reason, this lesson gives you the vocabulary and expressions you need in order to talk about science and technology in Spanish.

Up with Today's Science and Technology

Let's meet Claire. She travels to Colombia on vacation, but when she gets there, she is surprised to see people walk around with cell phones. Also, she is amazed to learn that Internet access in the cities is widely spread. Moreover, she has the opportunity to visit a university and sees some technology she did not expect to see, such as projectors, computer labs, etc. Somehow, Claire thought that the Spanish-speaking world was still way behind in terms of science and technology. So that this does not happen to you, this lesson teaches you useful vocabulary that relates to la ciencia (lah see-EHN-seeah), which means 'science,' and la tecnología (lah tehk-noh-loh-HEE-ah), which means 'technology.'

Expressions to Use

Before we begin learning some vocabulary, let's begin with some expressions that can be used to discuss several ciencia and tecnología concepts.

  • El uso de _____ está generalizado. (The use of _____ is widespread.)
  • Muchas personas tienen acceso a _____. (Many people have access to _____.)
  • Es común el uso de _____. (The use of _____ is common.)
  • Hoy en día, las personas cuentan con los beneficios que proporcionan los avances en _____. (Nowadays, people count on the benefits that the advances in _____ provide.)
  • Muchos se benefician de los avances relativos a _____. (Many benefit from the advances related to _____.)

Science Vocabulary

Now that you have some useful expressions, let's learn some vocabulary related to la ciencia. While the Spanish-speaking world has science advancements in big cities, these are not necessarily available in remote areas such as the countryside or poor areas of a city.

  • la genética (lah heh-NEH-tee-kah): genetics
  • las células madre (lahs SEH-loo-lahs MAH-dray): stem cells
  • los tratamientos de fertilidad (lohs trah-tah-mee-EHN-tohs deh fehr-tee-lee-DAD): fertility treatments
  • el perfeccionamiento de los métodos anticonceptivos (ehl pehr-fehk-see-oh-nah-mee-EHN-toh deh lohs MEH-toh-dohs ahn-tee-kohn-sehp-TEE-vohs): the improvement of birth control methods
  • la energía renovable (lah eh-nehr-HEE-ah reh-noh-VAH-bleh): renewable energy
  • la energía solar (lah eh-nehr-HEE-ah soh-LAHR): solar energy

Translation: In Spanish-speaking countries, the use of fertility treatments is common.

Technology Vocabulary

Now, let's look at some vocabulary that involves advances in technology that the Spanish-speaking world uses widely.

  • la televisión satelital (lah teh-leh-vee-see-OHN sah-teh-lee-TAHL): satellite television
  • la telefonía celular (lah teh-leh-foh-NEE-ah seh-loo-LAHR): cellular telephony
  • el Internet (ehl een-tehr-NET): Internet
  • la fotografía digital (lah foh-toh-grah-FEE-ah dee-hee-TAHL): digital photography
  • la alta definición (lah AHL-tah deh-fee-nee-see-OHN): high definition
  • la educación en línea (lah eh-doo-kah-see-OHN ehn LEE-neh-ah): online education

Translation: In Latin America, many benefit from advances related to high definition in video and sound.

Expressions and Vocabulary Together

Now, let's get you discussing for real. To all the expressions you have in the 'Expressions to Use' section, you can first add the word en (in) plus the name of the country you want to refer to. Then, say the expression and include in the blank any of the vocabulary words.

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