Discussion Questions About Time Management

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been an educator for 20 years and earned her Master of Education degree in 2017. She enjoys using her experience to provide engaging resources for other teachers.

Time management is important for any age. These discussion questions can help you guide your middle or high school students in analyzing their own time management skills by exploring the concepts of planning, prioritizing, and procrastinating.

Time Management Discussion Questions

As students learn to balance increasing demands of school, home, and in some cases, work, time management is a key skill that must be carefully developed. Use these discussion questions to guide conversations among your middle or high school students that will help them assess and improve their time management. Students can discuss the topics of planning and prioritizing and tackle the problem of procrastination. Consider engaging students in a whole-class discussion or providing a list of questions to student teams. Based on the discussion, you may want to ask students to create a time management improvement plan to serve as a summative assessment.

Questions about Planning

  • How do you plan for completion of schoolwork, such as projects or tests? How do you plan for tasks and events outside of school, such as sports or family events?
  • Is planning always necessary? Is there a place for unplanned spontaneity in life? When should you be spontaneous and when should you plan ahead?
  • How does developing a clear study plan benefit you? How do you adjust your study plan if it isn't going well? For example, if studying for a test is taking much longer than expected, how do you handle the time adjustment?
  • Is it important to plan for time off, such as socializing with friends or watching a movie? How could planning for these activities benefit you?
  • How do you plan your weekends? Do you think that planning your weekend is important or is it better to just ''go with the flow'' and enjoy the downtime? Why?

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