Divergent Book Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

''Divergent'' is a popular young-adult novel set in a dystopian future. These activities will let your students engage with this story in unique and creative ways.


Divergent is a 2011 young-adult fictional novel by American author Veronica Roth, and the first of the Divergent series. It is a popular work of dystopian fiction that students should be fairly eager to engage with. These activities are intended for high school students, but they are also designed to be easily adaptable to middle-school classrooms.

Divergent Activities

Rewrite a Scene

Start by providing students with a scene from the book Divergent or asking them to select a scene. Students will rewrite this scene from the perspective of a character other than the main protagonist in the first person. If you wish to expand this a little, you can ask students to rewrite this same scene a few times from different characters' perspectives.

  • Materials: Copies of Divergent, writing supplies

Draw a Book Cover

After students have finished reading Divergent, give them time for free journaling and ask them to reflect on the book's themes, symbols, plot, characters, and tone. Distribute paper and art/craft supplies. Students will design a new book cover for Divergent, which must contain the book's title and author but otherwise can be completed however the student wants. These book covers can be representational (featuring a scene from the book) or more abstract (focused on symbols and the tone of the book). Since this is an in-class activity and not a full project, these do not need to be polished works of art. Sketches are fine.

  • Materials: Copies of Divergent, paper, art and craft supplies as desired

Tourism Pamphlet

Students will imagine that they have been commissioned to write a tourism pamphlet for the world in which Divergent is set. This pamphlet will contain the basic world-building information from the story and will specifically contain a section on each of the factions. In these pamphlets, students will outline the attributes associated with each faction, explain each faction's role in maintaining society, and draw the emblem of each faction. Since this is supposed to be a piece of a government-sponsored tourism campaign (and therefore propaganda), students should strive to write their pamphlet as they think that government might.

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