Diverse Perspectives in Public Speaking

Instructor: Vicki Duke

Vick teaches college Communications, and owns a Public Speaking consulting company.

When crafting a speech, a writer must be aware of a myriad of things: what is the speech about, what is my stance, what is my audience, where will my speech be delivered? Something we often forget to address is the variety of perspectives. In this lesson, we focus on addressing the various perspectives and integrating them into a speech, covering three strategies.

Writing Your Speech

A speech is never just a speech! There is always some type of occasion; whether it be informal or formal, the need for a speech is usually dictated by a few things. The recipe for writing a speech is not always the same, because the circumstances will not always be the same. For example, you cannot use the same speech at two weddings because the bride and groom will be different at each ceremony. In order to develop an appropriate speech for a given event, the writer must first analyze what the different perspectives must be and acknowledge and synthesize them into the speech.

What are the Strategies?

There are certain strategies a writer can employ to acknowledge diverse perspectives:

  • Do your research
  • Be objective
  • Know your audience


Research is a vital part of speech writing. Familiarize yourself with the material so you know what to cover and ensure you don't miss anything. Cassidy is a politician speaking about the threat of terrorism, with specific focus on the group ISIS. Is ISIS a real threat, or something we don't need to worry about? It is imperative that Cassidy do extensive research on this topic in order to address all perspectives. Within the group that hears the speech, there will be those who believe the group poses a major security threat, and those who believe it is all untrue, as well as those who are right down the middle and don't know where to stand. If Cassidy has not conducted the right research and does not have all the information present to speak about each perspective, she risks losing credibility and not acknowledging the diverse range of perspectives.

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