Benefits of Diversity Training in Globalized Business

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  • 0:02 A Diverse World
  • 0:37 Why Train for Diversity
  • 1:17 What Works
  • 2:34 How It Helps
  • 3:21 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rob Wengrzyn
Organizations are currently more focused on training their staff to understand diversity. In this lesson, we will look at diversity training in global organizations.

A Diverse World

As our world becomes smaller via technology and communications, workplaces are becoming much more diverse. We now have organizations that have many different cultures working under one roof. To that point, these organizations do not need to be global organizations and could indeed have just one location with individuals from different cultures working together.

The fact that individuals from around the world are engaging with people in other countries, in an easier and faster methodology, makes the importance of diversity training more important. In this lesson, we will talk about the benefits of diversity training in the workplace.

Why Train for Diversity

To start, it's important that we all have a common understanding of what diversity training is. Diversity training is a series of courses or instruction that increase the participants' understanding, knowledge and awareness of different cultural attributes. Most of this training centers on helping the individuals to better communicate and work with the diverse cultures that could be present in a working environment.

One aspect that is not discussed in great detail is the legal aspects that this diversity training helps with as well. Diversity training helps individuals to not discriminate or insult people from other cultures in the work environment by making them aware of different cultural perspectives and sensitivities.

What Works

There are several aspects that, once incorporated into a diversity training program, help it to be successful. Most of these aspects are self-evident, but it's good that we talk about them so that they are understood as the building blocks to a diversity program:

  • How the diversity program will help the organization: There are a lot of different programs out there and selecting the right one that matches the business and business situation of the organization is critical.
  • Diversity of the program: The program itself must focus on all aspects of diversity. While some may focus on gender or some may focus on race, the successful ones also focus on the overall culture and the aspects that make up that culture.
  • No blame: Any successful diversity program must not point blame at any race, creed or color in any way. The goal is to have a program that is suited for all individuals to learn about all cultures and cultural aspects.
  • Realism: It is important that the program itself have a very real component to it. In other words, if the scenarios or the discussions are not realistic, the program itself may not be taken seriously. It is very important that the realism aspect of any diversity program comes through so everyone involved in the program will be more engaged with it.

How It Helps

Diversity training programs can help organizations in a number of ways. The truth is how the program is structured, presented and how the people of the organization engage with the program will directly relate to the benefits they get out of the program. However, there are some overarching aspects that are relevant to every diversity program. They are:

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