Divertir Conjugation: Preterite & Subjunctive

Instructor: Raychelle Heath

Raychelle has a BA in Spanish and an MFA in Writing. She has studied in Puerto Rico and currently lives in Mexico. She has taught Spanish in various settings.

What entertains you? The verb ''divertir'' means 'to entertain' in Spanish. This lesson will explore how to conjugate ''divertir'' in the preterite tense and the subjunctive present tense. You will see several examples of how to use this verb.

Let's Learn About Divertir

When you go to a show, you probably go to be entertained. There are so many things that can entertain us. Music, comedy, dance, and even a good joke can all be entertaining. The verb 'to entertain' in Spanish is divertir (dee-vehr-TEER). This lesson will show you how to conjugate divertir in the preterite tense. You will also see how to conjugate it in the present subjunctive tense.

Note: Divertirse (dee-vehr-TEER-say) is the reflexive form of divertir and means 'to have fun'.

Let's get started!

Divertir in the Indicative Preterite Tense

The preterite tense is often referred to as the 'short-term past', as it is used to talk about things that happened just once. Divertir is almost completely regular in this tense, but has an -e to -i shift in the third person singular and plural.

VERB: divertir (dee-vehr-TEER) to entertain

Indicative Preterite Tense Pronunciation Translation
yo divertí dee-vehr-TEE I entertained
divertiste dee-vehr-TEE-stay You (informal) entertained
él, ella,
divirtió dee-veer-tee-OH He, she, you (formal) entertained
divertimos dee-vehr-TEE-mohs We entertained
divertisteis dee-vehr-tee-STAY-ees You (plural, informal) entertained
ellos, ellas,
divirtieron dee-veer-tee-EH-rohn They (male, female), you (plural, informal) entertained

Examples in the Preterite

  • El mago nos divirtió durante la fiesta. (The magician entertained us during the party.)
  • Divertí a mis amigos con mis chistes. (I entertained my friends with my jokes.)
  • Los músicos divirtieron con varias canciones por dos horas. (The musicians entertained with various songs for two hours.)
  • ¿Te divertiste cuando fuiste a la playa? (Did you have fun when you went to the beach?)
  • Se ve como os divertisteis con los videojuegos. (It looks like you all had fun with the video games.)

Translation=Ana had fun sliding down the zipline.
ana se divirtio

Divertir in the Subjunctive Present Tense

The subjunctive is used to express doubt or desire. It is also used when emotion is expressed about an action. This lesson will cover the present subjunctive tense of divertir, which uses the present indicative tense of yo (divierto) as a base for its conjugation.

VERB: divertir (dee-vehr-TEER) to entertain

Present Subjuntive Tense Pronunciation Translation
yo divierta dee-vee-EHR-tah I entertain
diviertas dee-vee-EHR-tahs You (informal) entertain
él, ella,
divierta dee-vee-EHR-tah He, she entertains; you (formal) entertain
divirtamos dee-veer-TAH-mohs We entertain
divirtáis dee-veer-TAH-ees You (plural, informal) entertain
ellos, ellas,
diviertan dee-vee-EHR-tahn They (male, female), you (plural, informal) entertain

Note: In the present subjunctive tense, divertir has the same conjugation for yo and the third person singular.

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