Dividing Three-Digit Numbers

Instructor: Mark Boster
Often, you'll need to know how to divide larger numbers than you have in the past. In this lesson, you'll learn how to divide three-digit numbers, which may come in handy if you ever need to divide more than 99 items among you and your friends.

General Division

pizza slices

Wow, 10 slices of pizza! If you divided them among 5 people (10 ÷ 5), each person would get 2 slices.

But... What if it were a super giant pizza that had 965 pieces? How would you divide that? Well, you're about to find out.

Dividing Three-Digit Numbers

Imagine you have this super giant pizza with 965 slices and have the same 5 hungry people over to eat it: 965 ÷ 5. When you divide large numbers, there are two ways to solve the problem: long division and short division. Either way works to get the correct answer.

Long Division

long division 1

Look at the first number in the dividend; that's the number inside the bracket. As you can see, it's a 9. Now look at the divisor; that's the number on the outside of the bracket. Here, it's a 5.

Now, ask yourself: How many 5's can fit into 9? Well, you can only fit one group of 5 because 1 x 5 = 5. But 2 x 5 = 10, so you know that 2 is too much. The 1 goes on top of the 9, and the 5 (1 x 5) goes under the 9.

Now go ahead and subtract. That leaves you with 4. Can 5 fit into 4? Nope.

So, bring down the 6, and put it next to the 4. Now you have 46. Ask yourself: How many 5's can fit into 46? Lets, see: 5 x 9 = 45. That's as close as you can get, without going over 46. So, when you bring down the 6, you put up a 9. Every time you bring down a number, you have to put up a number. Put that 45 under the 46 and subtract.

Does 5 go into 1? Nope, so bring down the next number: 5. Does 5 go into 15? It does: 3 x 5 = 15. Since you brought down the 5, you're going to put up the 3. Put the 15 under the 15 and subtract. Your answer is 0, so you're done.

Short Division

Take a look at this example.

short division 1

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