Double the Final Consonant Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Practicing a new and difficult concept is the best way to gain confidence in that area. This asset offers multiple fun, active and engaging activities for elementary school children who are working to grasp the concept of doubling the final consonant of words.

When Do You Double?

The English language is one of the hardest languages to learn. This is just as true for students who are learning the language as their native language as it is for those learning it as a second language. There are so many rules and exceptions to the rules that it is understandable that students get confused and may even just want to give up.

The rules regarding when to double the final consonant in words is just one example of the difficulty of the English language. How can students know what to do? Do they need to memorize a list of rules to apply each time? Is it just a matter of memorizing words like sight words? It is easy to see why students might get discouraged when trying to learn this spelling rule.

One way to break the cycle of discouragement is to involve students in fun, engaging and active games to give them pressure-free practice with concepts. These games are designed to get your elementary school students moving while they put their knowledge of doubling consonants into practice.

Red Light, Green Light Game

This active game plays just like the classic Red Light, Green Light game and is best played in a large open space.


  • Sight word cards with a mixture of verbs (both those that have their consonants doubled and those that don't).


  • Stand at one side of the play area while your class stands at the other.
  • Explain the rules:
    • Students may take one step forward each time they see a word that requires a doubled final consonant when altering the tense (like run to running).
    • When the word given doesn't require a double consonant, then students must stay still.
    • If the traffic light (the teacher) sees someone move on a don't move turn, that person is out.
    • The first student to reach the traffic light gets to be the traffic light and the rest go back to the beginning.


  • If you can't play outside, just have students stand for doubled consonants and remain sitting for the others. If a student moves on the wrong word he/she is out. The last person in the game takes over as leader.
  • If you don't have cards, or if you want to make this game more challenging, you can just call out the words. This will challenge the students as they now do not have the visual cues to help determine the rules for each word.

Count Them Up

Working as a team is a great way for students who are strong in a concept to help those that are not. This game helps students work together to build their understanding of doubling final consonants.


  • Sight word cards with a mixture of verbs (both those that have their consonants doubled and those that don't); 3 - 4 cards per student

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