Drawing Games for Kids

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

Drawing games are a great way to bring levity and enjoyment into any classroom. In this lesson, learn about some fun and effective drawing games that can be used with young learners.

Drawing Games for Kids

Drawing games are a great way to provide your students with a creative outlet and can be particularly useful to bookend a lesson or wrap up a school day on a positive note. When you play, try to incorporate ideas from the students to keep these games fresh and engaging.

Opposites Race

  • Before using this activity, write out a list of simple words that have clear opposites. You can use the following list the first time you play.
    • Big box (small box)
    • Tall tree (short tree)
    • Basketball (baseball)
    • Small dog (big dog)
    • Laugh (cry)
    • Front (back)
    • Happy (sad)
    • Tent (house)
    • Safe (dangerous)
    • Slow (fast)
  • After you say a word, give students a few moments to draw their own interpretation of what they think the opposite is. At the end, ask for volunteers to share their pictures with the class. You can also lead a class discussion about how and why students came up with different ideas.

One Shape at a Time

  • Draw one simple shape on the board. (Line, square, circle, triangle, etc.)
  • Invite a student to add one shape to your shape.
  • Repeat until each student has added a shape on the board.
  • The goal is to create a cohesive picture as a class.

Creative Differences

  • This game encourages active listening and creativity. First, choose a vibrant picture to describe to the class. It's best to use a picture of a person or a place.
  • As you describe each detail, give students time to draw. For example, if you are describing a picture of a person, you could give the following details.
    • This person is very tall.
    • This person has red hair.
    • This person is wearing a green, short-sleeve shirt.
    • This person is wearing blue jeans.
  • After you have finished your description, show the real picture to the class and ask for volunteers to come to the front of the room and compare their picture to the original.

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