Drink & Beverage Vocabulary in Spanish

Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

Hola amigo, hola amiga, ¿tomamos algo? Going out for drinks and socializing over tasty food and beverages is an essential part of Spanish culture. To communicate effectively about drinks and beverages, it's crucial to learn some general vocabulary as well as all about specific ''bebidas'' that are indispensable to Spanish gastronomy. Are you ready? Let's do this!

Visiting a Spanish cafe

Let's start this lesson by visualizing a quick and smooth plane ride into Spain's cultural and political heart, its lively capital Madrid. Our friend Ana awaits us eagerly at the airport and offers to take us to her favorite cafe, El rincón de Ana. There is so much to choose from that we are happy to let Ana take the lead, ¿verdad?

Ana: Hola amigos, ¿qué tal si tomamos algo?

(Hello friends, what about having a drink?)

Tenemos muchas bebidas de las que elegir: Hay varias bebidas sin alcohol, y luego tambien bebidas alcoholicas. ¡Echadle un vistazo a la carta!

(There are lots of beverages to choose from: There are several drinks without alcohol, and also alcoholic drinks. Take a look at the menu!)

A glass of

Bebidas sin alcohol

  • el agua mineral (pronounced: ayl ah-goo-ah mee-nay-rahl) water
  • el agua sin gas (pronounced: ayl ah-goo-ah seen gahs) still water
  • el agua con gas (pronounced: ayl ah-goo-ah kohn gahs) sparkling water
  • el zumo (pronounced: ayl thoo-moh) juice
  • el zumo de naranja (pronounced: ayl thoo-moh day nah-rahn-hah) orange juice
  • el zumo de manzana (pronounced: ayl thoo-moh day mahn-zah-nah) apple juice
  • la manzanilla (pronounced: lah mahn-thah-nee-yah) chamomile tea
  • la infusión (pronounced: lah mahn-thah-nee-yah) infusion
  • el café (pronounced: ayl kah-fay) coffee
  • el café con leche (pronounced: ayl kah-fay kohn lay-chay) coffee with milk
  • el café negro (pronounced: ayl kah-fay nay-groh) black coffee
  • el café descafeinado (pronounced: ayl kah-fay days-kafay-nah-doh) decaf coffee
  • la leche (pronounced: lah lay-chay) milk
  • la horchata (pronounced: lah or-chah-tah) horchata

Bebidas con alcohol

  • el vino blanco (pronounced: ayl vee-noh blahn-koh) white wine
  • el vino tinto(pronounced: ayl vee-noh teen-toh) red wine
  • la cerveza (pronounced: lah thayr-vay-thah) beer
  • la sidra (pronounced: lah see-drah) cider
  • la sangría (pronounced: lah sahn-gree-ah) sangria
  • el aguardiente(pronounced: ayl ah-gooahr-dyayn-tayh) hard liquor
  • el champán(pronounced: ayl chahm-pahn) champagne

Sangria is a popular drink from Spain

Typical beverages from Spain

Ana: !Ya veo que os cuesta decidir! ¿Qué os parece si decido yo por vosotros?

(I can see that it's hard for you to take a decision. What about me deciding for you guys?)

Muy bien, pues para que probeis varias bebidas, voy a pedir una horchata primero para cadauno, y luego bocadillos y una jarra grande de Sangría, ¿os parece?

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