E-Business Enhanced and E-Business Enabled Organizations

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rob Wengrzyn

Rob has an MBA in management, a BS in marketing, and is a doctoral candidate in organizational theory and design.

Businesses use the Internet in different ways. Some use it as a part of their business, while some use it to run the entire business. In this lesson, we will discuss the differences between e-business enhanced and e-business enabled businesses.

Involved and Committed

One would think we could not learn a lot from a simple bacon and egg breakfast. We have our bacon, our eggs and maybe some coffee. However, there is a very simple business rule that can be learned from this tasty breakfast, and that is that the chicken was involved, but the pig was committed. In other words, the chicken contributed to the breakfast by supplying eggs, but the pig committed to the breakfast by giving up his life.

World of E-Business

E-business is all around us and is generally understood to be any business or business communication that is conducted via the Internet. Purchasing products or services online, getting help via an Internet chat, even Skype could be considered some form of e-business. If you notice, the one thing all these different types require is, indeed, the Internet. It has become the glue that holds businesses and consumers together and allows us to talk and work with each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if needed.

However, when it comes to e-business, just like with our breakfast, there are some companies that are the chicken and some that are the pig. The level of their involvement resides in several areas:

  • The type of product or service they provide. Crazy as it sounds, some products or services cannot be completely Internet-based (dentist, automotive repair, etc.).
  • The level of involvement and how technology-savvy the business is. Let's face it, you can use the Internet for just about anything but you have to understand technology, how fast it changes and be savvy enough to implement it in your business.

E-Business and Technology in Companies

The type of product or service determines if it can be offered via an e-business platform
E-business technology

While it is true the type of product or service does dictate if it can be offered via an e-business platform (or to what degree it can be offered), that platform is built by how much technology a company uses internally to communicate within their four walls, or other offices.

So, if a company uses Skype, video conferencing or even Twitter, it stands to reason they understand the Internet and are embracing how to use it. They are not shying away from it and are using it as part of their daily work routine. Doing that, as simple as it sounds, helps companies and people to feel comfortable with the technology and integrate it into their business, which eventually means integrating it into how their customers interact and work with them.

The company can now use these Internet-based facets of communication (Twitter, Skype, etc.) and begin to incorporate them into interactions with their customers. Let's take a look at a few examples:

  • You can now live chat with a customer service person online, rather than wait on hold.
  • Some doctors and hospitals use telemedicine to see patients in remote areas. They use video conferencing to see and talk to the patient so they can try to help the person feel better.
  • You can post a question about a product or service to a blog or online forum, and search them as well, to get answers to questions you might have.

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