High School Assignment - Important Discoveries in Early Civilizations

Instructor: Sharon Kim
This assignment asks students to choose and explain the three most important discoveries in early human civilizations, discussing how these contributions shaped how we define 'civilization' today. Updated: 08/05/2020

Assignment Instructions for Students

The earliest world civilizations defined the course and shape of all the civilizations that would follow. In a 3-4 paragraph essay, please identify the three major innovations and discoveries made in early world civilizations. For each discovery you discuss, you must note specific historical details, both then and since then, that have made it such an impactful part of how we define 'civilization' today. Where would we be without these ideas and cultures?

Grading Rubric for Parents

There are 18 points possible for this assignment; for each row, score from 0-3 depending on how well your student has met the requirement.

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