Ecological Pyramid Activities for High School

Instructor: Adrianne Baron

Adrianne has a master's degree in cancer biology and has taught high school and college biology.

It is time for your high school students to learn about ecological pyramids and you want activities that they can complete that will compliment what you are teaching them. The activities below accomplish that task.

Ecological Pyramids

Why do your students need to do activities about ecological pyramids? Well, because activities are a great way to reiterate the main points that you are teaching about ecological pyramids. The activities will give them a hands-on opportunity to demonstrate that they are learning what you are teaching in regards to ecological pyramids. The ecological pyramid activities can also help your students to understand them to the point where they can infer more information related to ecological pyramids and ecosystems in general.

Create Your Own Pyramid


  • printer paper
  • colored pencils
  • nature magazines
  • rulers

Ecological pyramids are specific to the ecosystem in which they occur. The Create Your Own Pyramid activity helps students to understand ecological pyramids and which ones are possible and which ones are not. You should allow about an hour for students to complete the activity. Start this activity by telling your students that they are going to draw or use pictures to create ecological pyramids for different types of ecosystems. Have your students work in pairs on this activity. Instruct your students to create two ecological pyramids from different types of ecosystems. Then, tell them to also create two ecological pyramids that could not occur. For example, having sharks and cats in the same ecological pyramid.

Once the students have completed the pyramids, then have them switch pyramids with another pair of students. The students should identify the two ecological pyramids that cannot possibly occur. Have your students explain why the pyramid could not occur and then add in appropriate organisms to demonstrate a possible ecological pyramid.

The Different Types of Ecological Pyramids


  • printer paper
  • colored pencils
  • nature magazines
  • rulers

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