Ed Regis in Jurassic Park

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

In ''Jurassic Park'' by Michael Crichton, Ed Regis is the head of Public Relations for Jurassic Park. Regis finds himself taking on some unexpected responsibilities throughout the course of the book.

The Cover-Up

In Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, InGen, a bioengineering firm owned by Mr. Hammond, makes some pretty irresponsible decisions while developing a potentially lucrative theme park featuring cloned dinosaurs. Rather than putting safety first, Mr. Hammond hires a publicist, Ed Regis, to cover up problems that surface. Let's learn more about Mr. Regis.


Have you ever heard an official statement published by a company and thought that there had to be more to the story? The first time we meet Ed Regis, he is delivering an injured man to a local medical center. Regis is giving orders to the two black crewmen that are carrying a boy of about eighteen who is in serious need of medical care. The doctor tells him that a man who is seriously hurt should be taken to the hospital in San Jose, but Regis insists that he needs to be treated locally.

As soon as the doctor sees the injury, she knows that the man has been mauled by an animal, but Regis lies: ''No, no. It was a backhoe, believe me.'' Sure that she is not being told the truth, the doctor asks Regis to leave. She can tell that Ed Regis is an executive, not a construction worker. He also seems to be very tense, as if he has done something wrong. The young man says only, ''Raptor…Lo sa raptor . . .'' before he convulses and dies.

The Reluctant Tour Guide

What does a publicist do? Ed Regis is always being given odd jobs by Mr. Hammond, the owner of InGen, that Regis feels are below his station. When Hammond invites scientists and legal professionals to tour his new theme park, Regis is left in charge of entertaining Hammond's grandkids, Tim and Lex, who are joining the tour. Ed Regis thinks, ''Now I'm a damned babysitter.''

Hammond had told him, ''You watch my kids like a hawk, they're your responsibility for the weekend.'' Regis feels under-appreciated as he has much more important things to do as the ''…head of public relations for Jurassic Park…'' than to babysit the boss' grandkids or act as a tour guide. It's hard enough for him to coordinate publicity with public relations firms all over the world that are trying to ''design teaser campaigns'' without know anything about the park.

Regis wishes Hammond would see him as a professional rather than give him all of these odd jobs. Nevertheless, Regis remains professional as he leads the group through the lab and the park.

The Electricity Goes Out

There are limits to Regis' professionalism. When Tim sees a raptor outside of its enclosure, Regis dismisses him and tells him it must have been something else. Regis gets a bit excited when Lex sees some baby raptors through her binoculars stowed away on a supply boat headed for Costa Rica. Dr. Grant calls him down by reminding him that a simple recall message can rectify the situation. When the electricity goes out, the tour cars stall. Then, it begins to rain. Regis is spent.

Then Regis notices something that terrifies him to his core. He sees that the tyrannosaurus enclosure is no longer electrified and that the ''greatest predator the world has ever known'' is gripping the fence. Regis literally wets himself before abandoning the touring car and the children.

Regis in Trouble

As he runs away, Regis falls down a hill where he finds some boulders to hide among. For the next half hour, he feels ashamed of himself for not being brave and trying to save the kids, but he can't summon up the courage to go back. He concludes that the children most likely have not survived and that no one will know about his cowardice.

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