Edited Book: Definition & Examples

Instructor: Mary Firestone
Find out what edited books are and what type of content goes into them. Also learn how an edited book can be cited in an academic paper. Read the lesson, then take the quiz to test your new knowledge.

Edited Books

An edited book is a collection of articles or chapters written by different authors on the same subject. An edited book might be a collection of published articles by a single author or a collection of essays. Chapters of an edited book have usually been published elsewhere first, but editors sometimes ask a group of authors to state an opinion on a topic, and then compile the responses into chapters.

Edited books are a good resource for people looking for a concentration of material focusing on a single subject or a collection of works in a particular genre.

Citing Edited Books

If you use edited books for research, the material you quote or paraphrase will usually be from the chapters written by authors, so the author's name should appear in-text, not the editor's. The citation should appear as it would in any other book, with the author's last name and year if you use APA style. In MLA style, the in-text citation should include the author's last name and the page number.

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