Egg Baby Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

The egg baby project is a common way to teach students about compassion and responsibility. These ideas can help you find the best way to tailor this project to your classroom.

Egg Baby Projects

The egg baby project is a classic experience for many students, in which each student must care for an egg for a set period of time. The goal is to teach students about the realities of parenting, and more broadly to practice compassion and consider the fragility of life. Variations on this project set the timeframe at anywhere from two days to two weeks. The timeframe you use generally depends on how stringent you want the requirements to be. If you intend to deny your students sleep, consider a shorter timeframe. In this asset, the basic elements of the egg baby project are divided into different sections to help you pick and choose the best ideas for implementing this project into your classroom.

Preparing the Egg

The first step to the egg baby project is to create the eggs. Provide students with eggs. If you have not previously emptied them, you may have students do this. Provide thumbtacks or pins, and have students pierce a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg. They will gently blow into the top hole, forcing the contents of the egg to drain out the bottom. Student can then rinse out the egg with water.

  • Decorating: Provide students with markers or stickers for decorating their eggs. Allow students to be creative and give their egg some personality. The more work that students put into designing their eggs, the harder they will work to protect it. You may also consider asking students to create a birth certificate for their egg, which contains its name and date of birth
    • Materials: Eggs, art and craft supplies as desired

Protecting the Egg

Students will need to design some way in which to safely store and transport the egg for the duration of the project.

  • Carriers: The baby carrier is the object in which the egg will spend most of its time. Simple egg carriers can be made from small plastic pails, stuffed with cotton balls, tissue paper, or other soft material. If you want, you can let students make more complex egg carriers, but this will increase the time and costs associated.
    • Materials: Small plastic pails, supplies for stuffing, art and craft supplies as desired
  • Clothing: As an optional addition, you can provide students with simple pieces of cloth/fabric and ask them to make a onesie/swaddling blanket for the egg baby
    • Small swatches of fabric, art and craft supplies as desired

Caring and Documenting

Caring for the Egg

For the allotted timeframe, students will care for their eggs. During this time, they must be with their egg at all times or only leave it in the care of someone they trust. The egg can never be left unattended. That's the most straightforward version of this project. To make this more intensive, consider the following:

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