Einladen German Conjugation

Instructor: Penelope Heinigk

Penelope holds a doctorate degree in German and a professional teaching license in the state of Colorado. She has taught middle school through university, online and live.

In this lesson, we will learn about the German verb 'einladen,' meaning to invite or treat (pay for). We will cover conjugation of this stem-vowel changing verb and how to handle the separable prefix.

Einladen (To Invite)

Who doesn't want to get invited to a party or to dinner, especially in Germany? Knowing the verb einladen and its noun counterpart will help you understand when you get invited and even if the other person is offering to pay for you.

Here are the conjugations for einladen (pronounced: EYN-lahd-in), to invite:

Pronoun Conjugation Pronunciation Meaning
ich lade ein ish LAD-uh eyn I invite
du lädst ein doo laydst eyn you invite (singular, familiar)
er lädt ein air laydt eyn he invites
sie lädt ein zee laydt eyn she invites
es lädt ein es laydt eyn it invites
wir laden ein vear LAD-in eyn we invite
ihr ladt ein ear ladt eyn you invite (plural, familiar)
sie laden ein zee LAD-in eyn they invite
Sie laden ein zee LAD-in eyn you invite (formal)


As indicated, einladen means 'to invite,' as in to invite someone to a party, to your house, etc. It can also have the meaning of 'to treat,' as in to pay for the other person. If you are in a restaurant and the other person says, Ich lade dich ein, that means that he/she is offering to pay for your meal.


There are two unusual things happening when we conjugate einladen.

  1. It is a stem-vowel changing verb. In the du and the er/sie/es forms, the stem's vowel changes from a to ä. This is a pattern that all stem-vowel changing verbs follow, though the actual vowel changes can differ (it is not always a to ä, but might be e to ie, e to i, etc.). Just remember that einladen gets an umlaut in the second and third person conjugations.
  2. It is a separable prefix verb. There are a number of separable prefix verbs in German, and the prefixes vary. With these verbs, the prefix breaks off from the verb when it is conjugated and is placed at the end of the sentence. With the verb einladen, ein is the prefix--it will break off from laden and move to the end of the sentence when conjugated.


  • Er lädt seine Freunde zu einer Party ein. (He invites his friends to a party.)
  • Ich lade dich zum Kaffee ein. (I invite you to coffee, also meaning that I am offering to pay).

Translation: I invite you, my treat.

Noun Form

Change the verb einladen into a noun, and you have die Einladung (the invitation).

Translation: Birthday Invitation
birthday party


Now, let's use our knowledge of einladen to read a conversation between Sylvie and Anja.

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