Electric Current Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Amanda McCarthy

Amanda has been teaching for ten years and has a master's degree in elementary education.

Electricity is used in all aspects of your daily life from powering your iPads to your refrigerator. Have you ever actually wondered how electricity works? In order for electricity to happen, we must have electrical currents. Let's learn how electric currents travel through circuits and give us electricity.

An Electrifying Discovery!

In 1752, during a thunderstorm, Benjamin Franklin decided to fly a kite with a key attached to the end of it. He wanted to prove his theory that lightning was electrical. While doing this, lightning struck the kite and shocked Benjamin Franklin! At that moment, he learned that thunderstorms do have an electrical current.

Types of Electricity

Since the time of Benjamin Franklin, many scientist has studied electricity and found there are two types of electricity: static electricity and current electricity. You have probably heard of static electricity, and even though that might be fun to talk about, this lesson is about current electricity, which plays a huge part in your daily life. In current electricity, there is an electrical current that travels through a circuit. We use current electricity on a daily basis to power our houses and much more!

What is an Electric Current?

Electric current is when electric charges flow from one place to another in a circuit. This current often travels through conductors or wires. A circuit is a closed path in which electric current travels from a power source. When the circuit is open, the electric current cannot finish the path. When the circuit is closed, the electric current is able to complete that path and the device works. For example, when the light in your room is off, the circuit is open, but when the light is, on the circuit is closed.

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