Electricity Safety Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Dacia Upkins

Dacia has taught all core elementary subjects for 14 years with a Master's degree in Urban Teacher Leadership.

In this lesson, you will learn why it is important to be safe around electricity. You will also learn ways to use electricity safely and what to do in case of emergencies.

What is Electricity?

Professional athletes always make sure to eat something healthy before working out or playing sports. They know this is important because their bodies need lots of energy to work. The machines we use every day, like computers, phones, and televisions, also need energy to work. Current electricity is the type of energy these types of machines use.

Many appliances need electricity to work.

Why is Safety Important?

Even though electricity is very useful to us, it can be very dangerous when it's not handled correctly. To work, electricity has to have something called a conductor to flow through. Have you ever touched a door knob and gotten shocked? Ouch! Your body was being used as a conductor.

Current electricity used for our many different appliances can be much more powerful and painful than that little door knob shock. A major electric shock can make it hard to breathe, make your muscles tighten up, and can cause some very painful burns.

Using Electricity Safely

Now that you know what electricity is and why it's so important to use it safely, let's look at some ways to be safe around electricity and what to do in case of an emergency.

Safety Inside

Homes and other buildings have electrical outlets that we use to plug in our appliances to get electricity to them. Lots of parents cover these outlets with safety caps. When they are not covered, be sure not to stick anything, including your fingers, inside the outlets.

You should always ask adults for help when using electricity. If you have permission from an adult to unplug something from an outlet, pull the cord gently, and do not yank. You can also help your parents make sure that all cords are organized and neatly tucked away. Also, get an adult to help you change blown out light bulbs, making sure the lamp or other light fixture is turned off before doing so.

You should get permission before using electricity, including electrical outlets.
electrical outlet

Safety Outside

Outside, the tall poles you see connected by cords are called utility poles. The cords are called power lines. These are only to be seen, not touched! Avoid climbing trees or flying kites anywhere near utility poles and power lines.

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