Electromagnetic Induction Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Michelle Vannoy
What is electromagnetic induction? It must have something to do with magnets, right? This lesson will explore the connection between magnets and electricity and discuss the scientist who came up with the idea.

What is Electromagnetic Induction?

Have you ever played with magnets? It is so much fun to pick up metal objects with the magnets or face opposite poles together and watch them push apart. Magnets can be fun toys to play with. Did you know that magnets can be used to create electricity? This is called electromagnetic induction.

Electromagnetic induction is the use of the movement of magnets around a coil of wire to create an electrical current through the wire. This is typically done by rotating magnets between north and south poles of the magnets while a coil of wire moves between the rotating magnets.

Electromagnetic induction involves magnets moving around a coil of wire to create an electrical current.

Every magnet has a north pole on one end and a south pole on the other end. Like poles repel each other, meaning that the north poles of two magnets will push away from each other. Opposite poles attract each other, meaning the north and south poles of two magnets will pull toward each other. The alternating push and pull at timed intervals causes the rotation of the magnets around the coil of wire, thereby producing the electrical current.

Discovery of Electromagnetic Induction

In 1831, a physicist from England named Michael Faraday discovered that if you change the magnetic fields (for example by rotating a magnet) around a coil of wire, you can create an electrical current through the wire. He figured out that the more that the magnetic field changed, the stronger the electrical current. He used this knowledge to apply electromagnetic induction to produce power without having to have electricity first.

Michael Faraday

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