Elements of Effective Email Marketing Messages

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

In a day when email messages are widely used, knowing how to create effective messages is more important than ever. Use the five elements in this lesson to create an effective marketing message.

The Value of Effective Email Marketing Messages

One of the most effective methods of contacting customers is through email marketing. Creating effective email marketing messages is the act of communicating important information and offers to customers. It helps to make shoppers aware of products and specials, and it also encourages them to take action.

Let's imagine you are a manager of a retail store and are wanting to increase your traffic on Tuesdays. You have collected your customers' email addresses and decide to create an email that offers an extra 10% off on Tuesdays. You hope this will encourage more people to come make purchases on a day that is otherwise slow.

Five Elements of Effective Email Marketing Messages

There are five key elements to an effective email:

Creating Brand Impact - Companies spend tremendous time, money, and effort to build a brand that will be recognizable to customers. When creating emails, the brand needs to be a consideration. Does the message and content of the email support the image of the business? If not, the email message needs to be adjusted.

As the store manager, you consider the fact that your target market is women ages 35-50 years old. Your brand tailors to these women. When you create your emails, you ensure you add your logo to the header of the message. You also check your text to make sure it is written with the right tone and verbiage that will appeal to 35-50 year old women. This step helps support the store's brand image.

Adding Intelligence to Design - The layout and design of an email can be greatly enhanced by improving the design. Adding colors, images, and borders can help an email be more attractive and inviting to the reader. Because consumers can receive a considerable amount of email messages daily, it is important to create an appealing layout and design to keep the attention of the readers.

Creating Transitional/Service Messages - An email is more than a sales pitch to customers. An effective email message communicates information, helpful tips, and suggestions to readers. The value of email marketing is keeping readers involved and making sure they read the entire message. By presenting helpful, engaging information and service messages, companies strengthen the bond with their customers.

When you plan your store emails, you decide to offer a few fashion tips, suggestions for caring for different types of fabrics, and a weekly sale for customers. The service tips (the fashion suggestions and fabric care instructions) engage readers and offer value that is helpful. These tips encourage your email subscribers to open and read your messages every week and pass your emails on to friends and family.

Driving the Purchase or Response - Encouraging customers to buy a product or respond to a specific request is an important element of an effective email. Whether you are offering a special, asking for feedback from customers, or asking clients to come in for an event, most emails will ask the consumer to do something. Emails are very effective at helping companies increase revenue, offer a special, and/or promote a product that can help generate sales.

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