Ellen G. White Books: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Lindsey Spencer

Lindsey has taught regular and special educations students in grades 1-8 since 2009 and has a master's degree in special education.

Ellen G. White wrote over 40 books and 5,000 articles in her lifetime. She was one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and her writings were inspired by religious visions.

Who Was Ellen G. White?

Ellen G. White was born in 1827 in Gorham, Maine. She was one of eight children in her family. When Ellen was nine years old, she was hit in the head with a rock and remained unconscious for three weeks. For many years afterwards, Ellen was in pain from her injury.

Ellen G. White, taken around 1900
Ellen G. White, taken around 1900

Religious Visions

In 1844, when she was 17, Ellen had her first vision, which is kind of like having a dream while you are awake. Ellen believed that these visions came from God and they became the inspiration for her writing. They also helped guide Ellen towards the Seventh-day Adventist church, an organization she helped found and dedicated her life to. Her grandson Arthur White believes that Ellen had about 2,000 visions over her lifetime.

In 1846, when Ellen was 23 year old, she married James White. Shortly after her marriage, Ellen began publishing her written works. The first was a small booklet called A Word to the Little Flock. Ellen died in 1915 when she was 87 years old.

What Books Did She Publish?

Ellen wrote over 40 books over her lifetime. In addition to religion, she wrote about education, human relationships and nutrition, among other topics. Her entire bibliography, or published writings, consisted of about 50,000 pages, or an average of 40 Bibles worth of writing. Not many authors can make that same claim.

Notable Books

A Sketch of the Christian Experience and the Views of Ellen G. White was the first book she published in 1851, which was 64 pages long. Ellen wrote this book to explain her early life, her visions and to spread her Christian message.

Steps to Christ is one of Ellen's most well-known books. It was published in 1892 and has been translated into over 140 languages.

The Ministry of Healing was published in 1905. It explains how to have a healthy life, how to keep a clean, healthy home and how to best care for sick people.

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