Email as a Customer Service Strategy

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Amber Dixon

Amber works with graduate students enrolled in a virtual program and has a Master's of Social Work degree.

In this lesson, we'll cover how to provide excellent customer service in email correspondence. We will also explore the reasons why high-quality, professional email is important in business.

Benefits of Email

Imagine you received an email that started like this:

'FYI ur bank card. is frozen cuz of ur spending. Maybe we will call u back today or u can call two.'

Would you feel safe allowing this bank to handle your money? Probably not. The way a business presents itself in correspondence can make or break a relationship with the customer, and since email is now one of the main ways businesses interact with their customers, it is vital that email correspondence presents the business in the best light possible.

Email is crucial to customer service because it is a way to gain and keep customers. This ever-present technology is an important tool for resolving customer concerns about a product or service. Customers want to receive high-quality, convenient support, and also to be treated with empathy and professionalism (the behavior or characteristics of a competent, skilled person).

Here is an example of how poor email can hurt a business: Mitch received an email from an airline in response to his initial email inquiring about his frequent flier reward status. The email he received was filled with inaccuracies, including the misspelling of his name, and it listed the wrong date for his most recent travel dates. At first glance, Mitch thought he had received someone else's email in error, and he almost ignored the message. Upon a second look, he realized it was indeed intended for him, but he was even more confused since the travel dates were inaccurate. After receiving an unprofessional and error-riddled message like this, it would not be surprising if Mitch took his business to another airline.

Hints for Success

You may think that the businesses above could simply fix the mistakes in their email. While perfect spelling and grammar are important for email correspondence, that alone is not enough to provide excellent customer service. The ideal email will not only be grammatically correct, but it will also provide the customer with an overall positive customer service experience. To accomplish this, it is key for email correspondence to adhere to specific guidelines for providing excellent customer service. These guidelines should include metrics for professionalism, efficiency, and product assurance.

How does a team accomplish this? First, a great customer service email will be professional and efficient, yet personal enough to create rapport with the customer. Personalizing the email can be achieved by introducing oneself to the customer, showing empathy with the customer's concerns, and including the writer's personality.

Second, businesses should create a customer service experience that is unique and memorable. Here a some ways to accomplish a positive memorable experience:

  • Respond in a timely manner to customer concerns
  • Quickly resolve the customer's complaint
  • Send follow-up email to make sure the customer is satisfied
  • Ask the customer to complete a questionnaire to share their customer care experience

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