Email Marketing Software & Tools

Instructor: Elissa Vaughn

Elissa is a professional content writer with a certification in inbound marketing, BA in history, and a decade of experience in retail sales and marketing.

Email marketing is vital for any online marketing campaign, but how do marketers manage promoting to so many email addresses? In this lesson, we'll discuss how marketers use email marketing software and tools to manage, distribute, and analyze their email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Imagine you're a local political activist and you need email addresses to get the word out about an upcoming ballot proposition. With your clipboard in hand, you canvass targeted zip codes and collect nearly 200 emails, and your website generates an additional 300 email sign-ups.

However, you're left with the following problems.

  • How are you going to manage those 500 email addresses?
  • How will you create and respond to multiple emails?
  • How will you know if those 500 people have even opened, engaged, or shared your emails?

Luckily, these common marketing management problems come with a solution. Using the lesson's example, let's explore how to use email marketing software and tools to tackle the problem of distribution, content creation, list management, and performance analysis.

Software Tools

List Management

Five hundred email addresses is a lot to email individually. Therefore, you'll need to use a list management tool in order to send one email to all addresses at once. First, input your addresses to create an email list.

You can also split up those email addresses for targeted marketing campaigns. For example, if you want to send information that's relevant to a specific zip code, you can create an additional email list just for that zip code alone.

Content & Distribution

Email marketing software also helps with content creation. For example, use HTML and email templates to craft a design that encourages political activism, or embed videos highlighting important points of a ballot proposition. You can also add social media sharing buttons to your email templates to encourage recipients to share your emails with fellow members of their community.

After completing your email, select an email list to promote to. You can even schedule your email to go out at a later date or time. To save even more time, you can set up email automation for your email campaign as well. For example, every time a website visitor provides their email information, you can set up email automation that automatically responds with a ''thank you'' or confirmation email when they subscribe.


After crafting and distributing your email campaign, you have to analyze its performance to make improvements for your next campaign. To see how your campaign performed, analyze:

  • Your open rate - indicates how many recipients opened your email.
  • Your click-through rate - reveals how many receipts engaged with inbound links in your email.
  • Your bounce rate - reveals how many emails were returned back.
  • Any hard bounces - results from an invalid email address (whereas a 'soft bounce' means an email address's server is experiencing temporary technical difficulties).
  • Your list growth rate - averages your email lists' growth by measuring new subscribers against those who've unsubscribed from your list.

After analyzing your email campaign's performance, you can go back to your list management tool and remove those bounced and unsubscribed addresses. These rates also reveal which content and schedules are most effective with your audience as well.

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