Email Marketing's Impact on Other Business Areas

Instructor: Penny Marken

Penny has an MBA in Marketing and Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. Penny also taught as a homeschool teacher for her daughter from grades 4-8.

In this lesson, we will learn about the big impact email marketing can have on a business. Email marketing can reach more customers in a shorter period of time, increase sales, and bring in new business.

Email Marketing

Susie has a hair salon and she wants to increase business. She decides she could hang a sign in the window that says Sale!! That might do the trick.

During the sale, one of Susie's customers, Roger, tells her that if he had not been in the area, he would never have known about the sale. Susie wondered if there were other customers out there that missed out on the sale because they were not in the area as well.

If Susie offers to have visitors sign up for a notification when an event is happening, she will be able to send the information to the customer about any sales or promotions she has going on at the time.


Marketing is giving the customer what they want in a way that makes them want it. Marketing through an email system is a way to reach more customers in a short period of time. Susie will want to send emails to customers that have already given her permission to send them emails. Having permission to send the email is very important.

On the website, Susie collects the email from the customers that visit the site. She saves more detailed information, like address, name, date of birth, chemical information and products used for customers who visit the salon.

Sending the Email

  1. Make the email simple and to the point. Do not bombard customers with sales on every contact. Sometimes customers are only wanting a reminder you are thinking about them. If you have not seen a customer in a while you could say something simple like 'We Miss You!' 'Come Back'
  2. You only have about 15 seconds to get your customers attention so make it counts. Do not send a book. They do not have time to read through large amounts of text.
  3. Put in a call to action (a call to action will have customers make a decision) Buy Now!! Learn More!! This is especially important if customers will not be able to attend your events. Ask customers to pass the email to a friend.
  4. Make sure that if you add images they do not take too long to load. If images take to long to load they will go to the next email. You lost them. Just that fast they are gone.
  5. Make the message fits the customer (personalizing the message to the customer can help with the sale.) If Susie wants to have a sale on hair color make the message geared to her color customers.
  6. Ask customers how often they want to receive the emails. Most customers will unsubscribe to email marketing if they feel they are getting too many emails.
  7. Proof read all the emails before they are sent to your customers. If there is a problem in the email you want to be the first to know not the last. If there is an issue with the email than you will lose a lot of business in the process.
  8. Have customers sign up by way of a mobile device or tablet in the store. Even if you do not have a website email marketing can still work. Try to avoid signing customers up on a sign up sheet because there is a higher chance of error. By sending customers right to the sign up form on the website they will be able to put in their information and customize their experience. Less margin for errors.
  9. Make sure you have permission to send the email to the customer. It is bad to send email that has not been requested.

Positive impact on Susie's business

With the first sale, Susie increased her business by 10% with the sign in the window. The sign in the window relied on people who are in the area. Unless the foot traffic for the area is high she may miss out on some sales. If her customers were busy that day and did not see the sign.

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