Emotions in Spanish Vocabulary

Instructor: Manuel Ruiz

Manuel has taught and written curriculums for several educational organizations for over 10 years and has a master's degree in Biology.

Hola! How do you feel today? triste (sad)? molesto (upset)? contento (happy)? In this lesson entitled 'Emociones,' Spanish for emotions, we will study the vocabulary for the basic emotions, or as we say, emociones in Spanish.

Emotions in Spanish Vocabulary

In this lesson, we will learn the emociones (emotions) in Spanish such as: contento (happy), triste (sad), enojado (angry), miedo (fear), asco (disgust), and sorpresa (surprise), among a few more.

Vocabulary & Pronunciation

  • Emotions - emociones (eh-mo-see-oh-nes)
  • Happy - contento (con-ten-to)
  • Sad - triste (tris-teh)
  • Angry - enojado (n-oh-HA-do)
  • Afraid - miedo (me-eh-do)
  • Disgust - asco (ass-koh)
  • Surprise - sorpresa (sore-preh-SA)
  • Excited - emocionado (eh-mo-c-oh-nah-DOH)
  • Guilt - culpa (KUL-pah)
  • Tired - cansado (khan-sa-DOH)
  • Jealous - celoso (se-loh-SO)
  • Bored - aburrido (ah-boo-rree-doh)
  • Embarrassed - avergonzado (AH-ver-gone-ZA-doh)
  • Sorry - arrepentido


Let's look at an example that might include some of these emotion words. Let's now look at a conversation among friends during lunch at school.

Shirley: Hola! Axel. Como estas? (How are you)

Axel: Hola! Shirley. I'm doing well. Estoy bien contento (I am very happy), because I had a great weekend.

Axel: How was your fin de semana (weekend)? Did you go to the movies after all?

Shirley: Si! (yes). I went with my friends to see the latest horror flick. Estaba bien emocionada (I was very excited).

Axel: Oh, I wanted to go see that movie, but I heard it is very scary. Last time I went with Erick to see a horror movie, I screamed like crazy several times during the movie. Estate bien avergonzado (I was very embarrassed).

Shirley: La pelicula que vi era de mucho miedo (The movie that I saw was very scary). Estaba bien asustada (I was very scared). At the end I was sorprendida (surprised) and asqueada (disgusted), because the movie was a bit too gory for me. Y tu? (and you?). Fuiste a las peliculas, Axel? (Did you go to the movies, Axel?)

Axel: Oh, yes. But I went to see a romantic comedy.

Shirley: How was the movie?

Axel: It was very good. Estaba enojado al principio de la pelicula (I was upset at the beginning of the movie), because the main characters were having a hard time, but then, at the end of the movie me puse contento (I got happy), because, well I don't want to spoil the end for you, pero vas a estar contenta tambien (but you are going to be happy too). Yo estaba contento y trust al mismo tiempo (I was happy and sad at the same time).

Axel: Mira, (Look) its Erick.

Shirley: Hey, Erick.

Erick: Hi guys!

Axel: How was your weekend?

Erick: Aburrido (boring). I felt cansado (tired), so I stayed home, pero me arrepiento de no haber ido a las peliculas (but I am sorry that I didn't go to the movies). Did you go to the movies?

Axel: Si.

Shirley: Yo también (me too).

Erick: Oh, estoy celoso (I am jealous).

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